New York’s new $4 billion bridge is reportedly plagued by dozens of failing bolts and a simmering cover-up scandal

AP Photo/Seth Wenig A whistleblower says engineers have secretly replaced bolts on New York‘s new Mario Cuomo bridge to hide the faults from inspectors, NBC4NY reported Wednesday.  The state’s attorney general is investing the 60 failed bolts (out of more than a million on the entire bridge.) The Mario Cuomo Bridge, which cost $ 3.98 […]

Berlin vows to finally crack down on Arab criminal gangs that have plagued city for DECADES

Seized by fears of being labeled xenophobic, Berlin officials have allowed a parallel world to emerge in Germany’s capital – one inhabited by criminal gangs of Middle Eastern origin. But is it too late for a crackdown? After years of inaction, Berlin law enforcement authorities are finally taking the growing issue of migrant gangs seriously. […]

This Canadian city is plagued by an obnoxious humming—and it’s getting worse

Zug Island, from across the Detroit River. (credit: Gary Elrod) Years before diplomats in Cuba were assailed by grating noises and left with baffling brain injuries, the residents of a Canadian city began hearing maddening hums and rumbles. The deep noises mysteriously wash in and out of their neighborhoods and homes, hitting the ears of […]

$12bn Berlin-Munich high-speed train plagued by glitches, cancellations in 1st week

Published time: 15 Dec, 2017 00:41 Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed rail line between Berlin and Munich has been plagued with delays, breakdowns and cancellations since it went into operation Sunday, amid allegations that the German rail operator was ill-prepared for the launch. The express line, designed to cut travel time between Germany’s two most important cities […]

Never-ending construction: Berlin’s unfinished airport still plagued by ‘fundamental faults’

Berlin’s international airport in Brandenburg has turned into a sort of unending construction project due to numerous technical problems. Now, even the airport systems that were deemed ready-to-use were found to be malfunctioning. More than 2,000 days since the initially scheduled opening, the end of construction of the infamous airport dubbed “the building site of […]

F-35s continue to be plagued with oxygen deprivation issues

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 13:20 F-35 fighter jet pilots at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona continue to experience unexplained symptoms of hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation, months after the world’s most expensive weapons system was grounded with similar issues. Five incidents of pilots suffering from hypoxia-like symptoms were reported at Luke in May […]

US schools plagued by bullying as sexual assault reports surge on college campuses – report

Bullying is a major problem at US schools, according to a new report which found that students are often shoved, hit and kicked by their peers. It also states that reports of sexual assault have more than tripled on university campuses over the past decade. Read more The study by the National Center for Education […]