The infuriating design of Pathfinder: Kingmaker shows the value of a Dungeon Master

OPINION: Here’s the kind of game Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Owlcat Games, PC) is. It opens with a fairly linear tutorial that lasts about an hour, introducing players to mechanics, characters, and the effects of choices. It’s possible to die during it, sure, but it’s not excessively difficult  Excellent. Then, I get into the main game…Read More

Path of Exile’s next Challenge League is Delve, an infinite dungeon launching August 31

PREVIEW: Path of Exile‘s upcoming Challenge League is about to supersize the megadungeon. Delve launches on PC August 31 in an infinite dungeon, an adventuring complex without end. You roll up a new character and head into the Azurite Mine, and as you explore, you find that the darkness is full of dangers. But if […]

‘Dungeon Girl’ Offers Cheery Dungeon Delving And Elaborate Crafting

My Dungeon Girl experience took quite the turn: at first I thought “all of this is utterly pointless.” A few hours later I was hooked. That’s because your first forays into the game’s dungeons are simply overwhelming. It explains all of its various mechanisms at once and in great detail, and this wall of text […]

Two years later, Darkest Dungeon is completely different for the better

Enlarge / The deeper you go, the more alien the Endless Harvest becomes. (credit: Red Hook Games) Darkest Dungeon’s newest DLC isn’t quite like anything else in the game prior. The expansion, called “The Color of Madness,” is a clear homage to an H.P. Lovecraft story—“The Colour Out of Space”—in a game already full of […]

Roguelike MidBoss Lets Players Celebrate Pride As They Become A Dungeon Boss

MidBoss, the challenging roguelike where you help a lowly imp possess fallen foes, taking their powers until you’re strong enough to become the final boss, has begun to do some neat in-game events, the first of which aims to let you show a little LGBT Pride with its death cards for a limited time. MidBoss‘ […]