Saturday Night Takeaway: ‘Not for me’ Viewers ‘disgusted’ at steak bake challenge

Ant said to Anthony: “Now, we put you through your paces in the gym, didn’t we?” The heavyweight champ replied: “Something like that,” to which Dec interrupted: “Here’s what happened when Anthony Joshua here was looking to hire a new personal chef. “But he didn’t really need a chef because we were already cooking up […]

Sarah Ferguson ‘disgusted’ by article that claims Princess Eugenie has ‘hunger for glitz’

Sarah Ferguson as shared a letter written by the CEO of a charity of which she a patron. The correspondence, which she as shared on Twitter and Instagram, slammed an article written about her daughter Princess Eugenie, 28. The article written for the Daily Mail by Jan Moir had the headline: “Why is Princess Eugenie […]

Coronation Street: David Platt star speaks out after rape 'He's disgusted and embarrassed'

The Coronation Street star has revealed that David will be left feeling “disgusted and embarrassed” by the events which unfolded in tonight’s double bill of the ITV soap. Speaking about what will happen next, he explained: “David is a bit confused at first as to where he is, but then as he comes to he […]

The media fawned over Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Winter Olympics — and people were disgusted

AP Photo/Felipe Dana US and international media outlets went gaga over Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, at the Winter Olympics. CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, and Reuters were all criticised for surprisingly cheery depictions of Kim and the North Korean cheer squad. Kim heads North Korea’s propaganda […]

Kiri: Viewers DISGUSTED by 'creepy' shower scene as murder suspect walks in on his mother

The latest episode of Channel 4’s gripping drama Kiri saw one of the show’s main characters, Simon Warner (played by Finn Bennett), walk in on his mother, Alice (Lia Williams), in the shower. Viewers watched in horror as the schoolboy ripped the towel from his mother’s naked body after refusing to leave the bathroom. Simon’s […]

‘Shocked, disgusted’: Police officer slams teen girl, sparking protest (VIDEO)

A La Mesa, California school police officer is under investigation after a viral video showed him swinging a 17-year-old student over his shoulder to the ground after she reportedly refused to comply with orders. The 30-second Snapchat video posted on YouTube and Instagram shows part of the altercation where the La Mesa school police officer […]

This Morning viewer disgusted as they notice THIS about Holly Willoughby

During a money-saving segment with Martin Lewis, one audience member spotted something rather unsavoury about the 36-year-old host. Taking to social media, the person posted a video of Holly holding up an old pound coin and a new one to show the difference between the two. However, as the camera zoomed in, Holly’s fingernails came […]

Netflix REMOVES children’s cartoon after disgusted parents spot ‘PENIS’ in the background

An episode of Maya the Bee was removed from the Netflix service after parents spotted a penis shaped image. The phallic object was etched into woodwork at the base of a tree in the 35th episode of the show. The rogue penis featured in an instalment titled King Willi, but has now been taken down […]

Eamonn and Ruth DISGUSTED by passenger who was kicked off flight due to NUT ALLERGY

Helen Kotonias is currently stranded in Cyprus after being escorted off her flight home when she kicked up a fuss about the airline’s insistence on serving nuts.  Although she had followed procedures, telling staff at every available moment that she was the passenger suffering from the deadly allergy, it was a different matter once she […]

Naked Attraction viewers completely disgusted as contestant reveals FOOT FETISH: 'Get out'

Dominic was on the hunt for Mr Right, explaining that he wants a “proper relationship” and felt that trying something new on the Channel 4 show could help him find love.  As he walked over to the green box, his eyes were distracted from the owner’s nakedness, choosing instead to focus on his feet.  “I […]