Collapse of ancient city’s water system may have led to its demise

Enlarge / The Cambodian city of Angkor was once the largest in the world until vast swathes of the population decamped in the 15th century. Its famous temple, Angkor Wat (above), survived. (credit: Stefan Irvine/LightRocket/Getty Images) The Cambodian city of Angkor was once the largest in the world… then the vast majority of its inhabitants […]

Fear the Walking Dead's New Showrunners Reveal What Led Up to [Spoiler]'s 'Emotional' Demise

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s shocking Fear the Walking Dead. With rumors swirling that Fear the Walking Dead’s Madison is a goner and viewers just don’t know it yet, the AMC drama pulled a fast one with Sunday’s “Good Out Here” by having young Charlie fatally shoot Nick to avenge his murder of Ennis, […]

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs on Carl's Demise, His Toughest Goodbye and a 'Bittersweet' Last Shoot

By now, Chandler Riggs has made peace with Carl’s demise on The Walking Dead. Yes, finding out that he was being killed off in the middle of his eighth season with the AMC drama “was definitely quite the surprise for me — and for everyone, I think — but ultimately,” he tells TVLine, “it’s for […]

Porsche Diesels Are Officially Dead with Demise of Diesel-Engine Macan

– Porsche has ceased producing its vehicles with diesel engines in all global markets. – The news comes comes courtesy of the U.K. publication Autocar, which reported the brand has stopped production of its diesel-equipped Macan compact crossover. The Porsche Panamera and the Porsche Cayenne already had ditched their diesel engine options. – – Porsche’s decision to pull […]

Syria peace talks: Putin to discuss political solution with Erdogan & Rouhani amid ISIS demise

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 07:11 The leaders of Russia, Turkey, and Iran will meet on Wednesday in Sochi to discuss joint efforts on how to bring lasting peace to Syria. The three countries previously agreed to be guarantors of the Syrian peace process. Read more Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Turkish President Recep […]

Why has Monarch gone bust – and are other carriers at RISK? Truth behind airline's demise

Brexit has also been blamed for the airline’s collapse, due to the weakened pound which plummeted in the wake of the vote last June.  Sterling failed to climb back to pre-vote levels, and many of Monarch’s costs were paid in other major world currencies.  Fuel for instance, was paid in US dollars, and the GBP/USD […]

The demise of Libor is part of a massive global trend that many overlook

Thomson Reuters For decades, the public put its trust in technocrats. The thinking was that the economy and politics had become too complex for ordinary citizens to understand. And that the best way to handle it was to allow the experts to take over. They were perceived to be skillful and knowledgeable enough to manage […]

History by lawsuit: After Gawker’s demise, the “inventor of e-mail” targets Techdirt

Shiva Ayyadurai, seen here in January 2017. (credit: Boston Globe / Getty Images News) History is not fixed; like memory itself, it is an act of reconstruction. Shiva Ayyadurai understands this. Ayyadurai has spent nearly six years publicly proclaiming himself the “inventor of e-mail.” But this claim about e-mail—as everyone but Ayyadurai’s supporters understand the […]