Russian Twitter bots tried to swing the UK election for Corbyn, investigation claims

Rob Stothard / Stringer / Getty Images Russia attempted to influence the UK’s 2017 General Election, an investigation by The Sunday Times states. The investigation made in conjunction with Swansea University found 6,500 Twitter accounts run by bots masquerading as English women. 80% of the automated accounts were set up during the weeks before the […]

Lamar Smith says Russian bots are trying to cripple US energy production

Enlarge / Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee Lamar Smith, R-Texas, seen here in 2013. (credit: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) By now, there’s very little disagreement that the Russian government has been pursuing an organized social media campaign within the US. But there are still significant arguments regarding the goals and impacts of […]

Fears of bots in the workplace are likely overblown

GUEST: Journalists have used a lot of ink, both real and digital, to discuss the potential of AI to eliminate jobs. Autonomous vehicles, machines that read X-rays and search for new drugs, and algorithm-driven bots that respond to customer service inquiries are all manifestations of powerful new forms of automation. This fuss has led to a […]

Instagram bots can ruin your brand

GUEST: “Bots” has become a four-letter word in the wake of reports about the black market for fake fans and followers on popular sites like Instagram. This is a shame because marketing automation is supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to provide an opportunity to save time and improve results by using data […]

Russian bots are back, Bannon slips up, and Congress delivers Mueller a gold mine: The latest in the Russia probe

Carlos Barria/Reuters The Russia investigation saw major developments on multiple fronts this week. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski frustrated investigators on the House Intelligence Committee when they refused to divulge key details about their time in President Donald Trump’s inner circle.   Meanwhile, lawmakers continued squabbling over […]

AI operators will play a critical role as bots redefine the workplace

GUEST: Treating AI like it’s a person has its benefits. When IBM named its AI “Watson,” the company hoped people would see it as warm and approachable, a “humble genius” even. According to Ann Rubin, vice president of branded content and global creative at IBM, in a conversation with Adweek, it worked. It’s no surprise […]

How the ‘Grinch bots’ stole Christmas

Resellers have existed since way before the internet. But with the surge of online shopping, they have found the perfect weapon to aid their business: bots, automated software that can add products to a virtual cart and purchase them faster than any human. Even if your browser autofills personal information, like your address and credit […]

Why Grinch Bots Are the Most 2017 Story of 2017

Good tech gone bad! Nefarious nerds! Dubious online platforms! Predatory late-capitalism! Imagine if every tech and business motif from the past 12 months gathered to celebrate an end-of-year reunion in a single story. This is that story. It is the story of the Fingerlings and the Grinch bots. We begin, as Christmas stories sometimes do, […]