‘Nobody has done more for Christians & religion,’ Trump boasts, provoking Twitterstorm

President Donald Trump has called himself the greatest friend of religious communities in the history of the US, but the rousing braggadocio did not appear to convince Twitter, where many users reacted with outrage and sarcasm. “Nobody has done more for Christians or evangelicals or frankly religion than I have,” Trump told the Christian Broadcasting […]

Pininfarina’s $2 million electric hypercar boasts a 250MPH top speed

When Pininfarina teased its PF0 electric hypercar in March, it didn’t do more than promise a massive amount of power and a 2020 launch. It’s starting to dribble out details, however, and it now looks like the PF0 may deliver the best of all worlds — at a cost. In separate interviews with Wired and […]

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene ‘wouldn’t have minded’ buying Github, boasts her tech is better than Amazon’s (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google Diane Greene, Google’s cloud chief, was interviewed at the annual “Most Powerful Women Evening” event and covered a lot of ground. She said she wouldn’t have minded buying Github and cautioned Microsoft from fiddling too much with the platform. She also crowed that Google’s cloud tech was superior to Amazon’s. She wasn’t questioned directly […]

2019 Kia Niro EV boasts 280-mile range

Kia first hinted at an upcoming fully electric Niro compact crossover with a concept at CES, and just a few months later, it’s showing the production model. Unsurprisingly, it looks pretty much exactly like the normal hybrid models on sale now, eschewing some of the show car bits such as the grille with a message […]

US Navy boasts ‘historic first’ shipboard deployment of F-35B to Pacific (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The US Navy boasts that it has deployed its first carrier-load of F-35B stealth attack planes to the Pacific Ocean. The USS Wasp departed Japan with an airworthy squadron of the super-expensive jets aboard. “Pairing F-35B Lightning IIs with the USS Wasp represents one of the most significant leaps in warfighting capability for the Navy-Marine […]

US ‘not surprised’ by Russia’s new nukes, boasts about own ‘unmatched’ arsenal (VIDEO)

The US White House and Pentagon have dismissed Russia’s new nuclear arsenal as “no surprise.” American officials took the opportunity to accuse Russia of treaty violations and boast that their arsenal is “second to none.” “We’ve been watching Russia for a long time. We’re not surprised,” said Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White following Vladimir Putin’s state […]

Putin boasts new strategic weapons will make US missile defense “useless”

Enlarge / Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly at Moscow’s Manezh exhibition centre on March 01, 2018. He announced a plethora of new strategic weapons that challenge the US’ ballistic missile defenses. (credit: YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images) In his State of the Nation speech today, Russian president Vladimir Putin showed computer animations and videos […]

Western media accuses Putin of ‘starting new arms race’ after ‘terrifying’ nuclear missile ‘boasts’

Unsurprisingly, Western news outlets focused on only one short segment of Vladimir Putin’s two-hour speech on Thursday, reframing the state-of-the-nation address as a (nuclear-tipped) sabre rattle in front of a watching world. In his message to Russia’s Federal Assembly, Putin spent around four minutes on the new-generation Sarmat ICBM, and on an as-yet-unnamed nuclear cruise […]