Pininfarina’s $2 million electric hypercar boasts a 250MPH top speed

When Pininfarina teased its PF0 electric hypercar in March, it didn’t do more than promise a massive amount of power and a 2020 launch. It’s starting to dribble out details, however, and it now looks like the PF0 may deliver the best of all worlds — at a cost. In separate interviews with Wired and […]

Automobili Pininfarina’s PF-Zero will be all-electric, ultra-fast

ROME — One thing potential customers of Automobili Pininfarina’s circa-$ 2.5-million, 250 mph electric hypercar can be rest assured of: It should look good. “Above all it must be beautiful,” Italian design director Luca Borgogno told a small gathering of the world’s press at the exclusive launch of the new car brand in Rome, on […]