The Crown misses Queen’s blatant swipe at Margaret Thatcher: ‘Her Majesty never notices’

The Crown season four was released by Netflix on Sunday, enthralling and delighting royal watchers ever since. One of its key themes is the relationship between the Queen ‒ played by Olivia Colman ‒ and Margaret Thatcher ‒ played by Gillian Anderson. Their relationship was complex to say the least and The Crown’s key point appears […]

Blatant clone or marketing hoax? The curious case of Tokyo 41 and Tokyo 42

Alleged footage from an emulated version of Tokyo 41. The game industry isn’t a stranger to accusations that a new game is just a lightly reskinned clone of another title. But there’s that, and then there’s the “cloning” debate surrounding Tokyo 42 and its alleged inspiration, a 30-year-old ZX Spectrum and PC game called Tokyo […]