Jeremy Vine shuts down Alastair Campbell’s bashing of Boris – ‘We can talk about Blair!’

The former adviser to Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed Boris Johnson had “politicised” the London Bridge terror attack by turning the incident into an election campaign issue. He said: “Boris Johnson knew exactly what he was doing. I was utterly disgusted by what he did. What he did was he said that because of […]

Trump’s unusual Fed bashing raises the stakes of a policy blunder that damages the economy

Jacquelyn Martin/AP President Donald Trump is blaming the Federal Reserve for the stock market’s sell-off.  While it’s unusual for the US president to publicly bash the Fed, many investors agree that fears of higher interest rates are partly responsible for the volatility.  By pitting himself against the Fed, Trump is raising the stakes of a […]

Got your popcorn? Trump's Security Council performance could be more than just Iran bashing

Donald Trump is expected to push the international community to embrace Washington’s hardline approach towards Tehran during a rare address at the UN Security Council – but the open-ended agenda leaves room for surprises. The US president will chair a meeting of the 15-member council, which focuses on global security issues, a day after speaking […]

Trump spent his first year in office bashing the ‘failing New York Times’ — here’s how its shares have done since his inauguration

Michael Nagle/Getty Images The S&P 500 index, a common Wall Street benchmark, has gained 23% during President Trump’s first year in office.  The New York Times Company, which Trump often bashes as “failing” has risen even more than the index.  Donald Trump loves to bash “the failing New York Times.” He has tweeted disparaging comments about […]

Trump wrote Richard Branson a scathing letter in 2004, bashing him for his ‘terrible business’ and suggesting he would go ‘down in flames’ like Mark Cuban

Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images Donald Trump trashed Virgin founder Richard Branson publicly and privately for Branson’s failed 2004 reality show. Branson revealed the letter in his new book, “Finding My Virginity.” Branson claims he ignored Trump’s attempt to win his support for Trump’s presidential campaign. Thirteen years before Richard Branson called President Donald Trump “an embarrassment […]

Bad Buggies and Ballyhoo: Bashing through the Desert in VW-Powered Off-Roaders

– If Baja California resembles a dog’s hind leg, then Ensenada would lie near the top rear of its thigh, while La Paz finds itself nestled in a crook at the top of its toes. In 1967, a motley crew of dudes set off down the peninsula in search of glory and bragging rights. There […]

A Georgetown professor reveals what it was like to talk to OJ Simpson after bashing him on national television

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and author of “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America,” reveals what it was like to talk to OJ Simpson after bashing him on the “Today” show.  Simpson was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in 1995, but was found liable for […]

Ex-Jay Thames bashing his way into Brewers' record book

There has been no adjustment period necessary for Milwaukee’s Eric Thames, the bushy-bearded first baseman in his first season back in the majors after three years playing ball in South Korea. With a two-run shot on Tuesday night against the Cincinnati Reds, Thames upped his major league-leading home run total to 11. He also set a franchise […]

Logitech’s ‘Rugged Combo’ keyboard case for iPad looks like it can take a bashing

Coinciding with Tuesday’s launch of a new iPad, Logitech has unveiled a keyboard and case for Apple’s latest tablet, though it also works with other iPads sporting the same dimensions. Sold as the “Rugged Combo,” the kit is aimed primarily at school kids and educators and has been designed in partnership with Apple. As its name […]