Steve Yzerman stepping aside as Lightning GM: reports

In a pre-training camp shocker, Steve Yzerman is leaving his post as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, according to reports. The NHL team is holding a news conference at 4 p.m. ET to make an official announcement. It's expected Lightning assistant GM Julien BriseBois will be promoted, with Yzerman remaining in the organization. BriseBois, […]

Nukes aside, let’s talk cars: Trump shows off his ‘Beast’ limo to Kim at Singapore summit (VIDEO)

Taking a break at the historic US-North Korea summit, Donald Trump offered his counterpart Kim Jong-un a rare glimpse inside the American presidential limo commonly known as ‘The Beast.’ The moment was caught on camera. US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were seen on the grounds of the Capella Resort in […]

Relation Speciale? UK pushed aside as French take pole position behind US in latest military action

Britain was forced to take a backseat in this weekend’s US-led military action in Syria as defense cuts left the country without a single warship and just a few dinosaur jets. Once in lock-step, the UK has seemingly been leapfrogged by France as the US’ ‘special’ friend, with the French providing significantly more military support […]

Taylor Hall puts aside hard feelings to focus on Devils' playoff push

If the two strides back the Edmonton Oilers have taken this season weren’t enough for their fans to deal with, now they have to put up with how well Taylor Hall has played in the past two months. The 26-year-old Hall extended his unofficial points streak to 26 games (he missed three games during the run with […]

EA pushes the next Dragon Age aside to focus on Anthem

Earlier this morning, from out of nowhere, BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah took to social media to claim that he is overseeing work on the next Dragon Age while simultaneously working on the studio’s upcoming online persistent shooter, Anthem. Darrah said that BioWare has “people hard at work on both franchises,” but this doesn’t mean […]

Many consumers are skeptical about Amazon Go — first-day lines aside (AMZN)

Amazon Go could be model for future retail stores. The new convenience store concept from e-commerce giant Amazon relies on cameras and sensors to detect when you enter and leave and what items you grab from shelves. Instead of checking out, you get automatically billed for items as you pass through a special turnstile when you […]

Canada brushes aside Brazil to secure men's curling worlds berth

Let’s face it: Brazil was never going to beat Canada in a best-of-five curling series. It was never really about that, anyway. In the first end of the competition, Canada scored seven points against Brazil and never looked back. The Canadian rink, led by Glenn Howard, swept the Brazilians off the ice 15-1, 8-3 and 6-3 in […]

The Gifted: Will Polaris Set Aside Her Magneto Hate, Embrace Dad's Ideas?

How far does the mutant apple fall from the tree? Fox’s The Gifted has been exploring that question as it relates to the Strucker kids, who possess the same, lethal-when-merged powers as their great-grandfather and his sister. But Lorna aka Polaris also boasts VIP DNA, as the daughter of iconic X-Men villain Magneto. And as […]