US border agents gas 'rock-throwing' migrants on Mexican border, witnesses allege overreaction

US border patrol have deployed tear gas against migrants in Tijuana, just across San Diego. The authorities argue they repelled an attack by “violent” rock-throwers. Media reports suggest the action was uncalled for, however. Videos and photos circulated by various media outlets show plumes of yellowish smoke billowing up from the fence separating the US […]

Advertisers allege Facebook hid the fact that no one watches video ads

Enlarge According to a newly public filing in an ongoing lawsuit, a group of advertisers now says that Facebook has been willfully withholding information about how much time its users spend watching paid ads—if more people spend more time watching ads, then those ads can command higher rates. The case of LLE One LLC et […]

TED has wrestled with sexual harassment ‘for years,’ employees and attendees allege

Gisela Giardino/Flickr The Washington Post has reported on a string of sexual harassment claims made against TED staffers and conference attendees. Internal emails show TED leadership discussing the proper course of action for dealing with the claims. TED is famous for its viral online talks. TED, the company made famous for its viral 18-minute talks, […]

Korean banks sue Newegg, allege online retailer aided massive fraud

Enlarge / Totes on a conveyor belt which will be used to pick an order inside Newegg’s small item warehouse as seen on July 2, 2014 in the City of Industry. Newegg is a leading online retailer. (credit: Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) Newegg, the well-known online electronics retailer and slayer of patent […]

Brazil, France allege Rio Olympics vote-buying scheme

Brazilian and French authorities said Tuesday they uncovered an international corruption scheme aimed at buying votes in awarding the 2016 Olympics. This is the latest allegation to sully the legacy of the Rio Games, the first Olympics in South America. The disclosures came as police in Rio de Janeiro raided the home of Brazilian Olympic […]

FCC giving special help to right-wing TV news company, Democrats allege

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Linda Braucht) Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai should explain why he’s taken a series of actions that help the business of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Democratic lawmakers said in a letter to Pai on Monday. The House Democrats told Pai that recent news reports raise questions about “whether actions taken by […]

Nurse accused of killing seniors tended to them ‘just prior to their deaths,’ police allege

Nursing home patient records show former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, accused of killing eight seniors in southwestern Ontario, tended to them “at or just prior to the time of their deaths,” according to police allegations filed in court last fall but kept confidential until today. CBC | Health News