Yemeni children protest Saudi-led aggression after school bus airstrike tragedy (VIDEO)

Dozens of children took to the streets of Yemen’s capital Sanaa to protest the deadly Saudi-led bombing campaign in the country. They carried pictures of the kids slain in an airstrike that hit a school bus earlier this week. The young protesters of various ages chanted anti-Saudi slogans and carried banners in both Arabic and […]

Syrian air defenses repel ‘missile aggression’ in Homs – SANA

Air defenses around the Dabaa airbase in Syria’s Homs province have repelled a missile attack, according to the Syrian state media. “One of our military airports in the central region was exposed to hostile missile aggression, and our air defence systems confronted the attack and prevented it from achieving its aim,” the state news agency […]

China seeking European support to build firewall against Trump’s trade aggression – report

Beijing’s international trade representatives have held multiple meetings with their counterparts in leading European economies as China seeks support in its trade brawl with the US, according to Reuters. Read more US President Donald Trump is threatening $ 150 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports. Beijing officials met ambassadors from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, […]

Russia’s UNSC resolution calling to stop aggression against Syria does not receive enough votes

A Russian draft resolution calling to stop aggression against Syria has been turned down by the UN Security Council due to a lack of support during the vote. It was only supported by Russia, China and Bolivia. The Russian draft urged the US and its allies to “immediately and without delay cease the aggression against […]

‘New aggression’: Hamas responds to US embassy Jerusalem move in May

Palestinian armed group Hamas has responded to the US announcement that it will open its Jerusalem embassy in May. The group said it was a “new aggression” and a “provocation.” “Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is a violation of the international law and goes against the international conventions,” Hamas Spokesman Abdul-Latif al-Qanou said in […]

Trump: US must modernize & rebuild its nuclear arsenal to deter any aggression

Published time: 31 Jan, 2018 03:15 Edited time: 31 Jan, 2018 03:20 The US must make its nukes “so strong and powerful” so as to deter any aggression that might come from state and non-state actors, President Donald Trump said, noting that the world is “sadly” not ready to ditch nuclear weapons. WATCH LIVE: Trump’s 1st […]

‘Political terrorism’: Venezuela slams US travel ban as new act of aggression

Published time: 25 Sep, 2017 20:03 The addition of new countries to the extended US travel ban, including Venezuela, is an act of “political and psychological terrorism,” the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The revised version of the travel ban was announced Sunday by President Trump’s administration. Unlike North Korea, which was slapped […]

'Worst aggression in 200 years': Venezuela stands up to new US sanctions

Caracas has blasted Washington’s new sanctions against Venezuela, following the latest round of restrictions that the Trump administration imposed on the oil-rich country, targeting its energy sector. On Friday, the Trump administration issued an order prohibiting Americans from dealings in new debt and equity issued by the Venezuelan government and by its state oil company, […]

Bromwich calls for Storm aggression

Video Image Storm slice through Cowboys1:27 NRL: The Melbourne Storm have proven they are the team to beat after dismantling the North Queensland Cowboys. August 4th 2017 3 days ago /display/ news and galleries/NRL News/ Jesse Bromwich for the Storm. Picture: Mark Stewart Gilbert GardinerHerald Sun Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on […]

Yemenis protest Saudi bombing & ‘traitors supporting war of aggression’ (VIDEO)

Thousands of Yemenis have staged a mass rally in the capital Sanaa to protest against the Saudi bombing which recently entered its third year. They have also urged the Houthi rebel authorities to intensify the battle against the “5th column” and alleged Saudi spies. Demonstrating against the ongoing military campaign of the Saudi-led coalition which […]