Stomach bloating – the ‘surprising’ 20p fruit that could cause trapped wind and tummy ache

Stomach bloating affects most people at some point during their lifetime, according to the NHS. It could be caused by having a food intolerance, eating too much in one go, or even by adding certain foods to your diet. But making some diet or lifestyle changes could lower your risk of trapped wind. One of […]

Insecure Season 3 Finale Recap: Birthday Ache — Plus, Grade It

In Insecure’s Season 3 finale Sunday, Issa wanted one thing and one thing only: a drama-free and happy birthday. But, considering the way she’d just been ghosted by Nathan and the way she’d been sparking anew with ex-boyfriend Lawrence, who in turn was sparking with church lady Deniese, was that really a possibility? Read on […]

Best supplements for constipation – these 15p a day capsules could cure your stomach ache

Constipation affects people of all ages, but can usually be treated at home, according to the NHS. Symptoms can include having dry, hard or lumpy poo. You’re likely to have constipation if you haven’t had a poo at least three times within a week. The condition can also cause stomach ache and feeling bloated. But, […]

Lower back pain – Do this simple exercise to stop the ache in your spine

BACK pain affects 80 per cent of people at some point in the lives, and can also cause a throbbing sensation in the abdomen, numbness and loss of bladder control. But, you could get rid of lower back pain symptoms by doing this one exercise everyday. This exercise could relieve lower back pain Arch Hold […]

Why you should NEVER ignore a sudden stomach ache – take THIS symptom seriously

A sudden stomach ache could be a sign of appendicitis, constipation, a ruptured aorta, or even ruptured ovarian cysts, according to Dr Evelyn Lewin. Don’t delay, and call an ambulance if a sudden tummy pain takes hold, Dr Lewin added. “It’s quite common to get a tummy ache every now and then but if you […]

A ‘beer sommelier’ explains how pouring a beer the wrong way can give you a stomach ache

How do you pour a beer? Turns out this popular pouring method — that results in little to no foam — is completely wrong. And can actually cause stomach issues! Max Bakker, a Master Cicerone (think a sommelier for beer) and High-End Educator at Anheuser-Busch InBev shows the correct technique.  Feedburner

Abdominal pain warning: What YOUR stomach ache really means

Stomach aches are a common complaint and can have a variety of causes. They usually don’t last long, and aren’t often triggered by anything serious. According to the NHS, they are most often due to trapped wind, discomfort after eating known as indigestion, or constipation – being unable to poo. The pain should pass on […]