Flight secrets: Pilot reveals when you SHOULD worry about turbulence

Flights and how planes work is a mystery for many plane passengers and one simply has to put faith in the pilots’ capabilities. Turbulence is the most common concern for fliers. It can vary from mild disturbance to being jolted violently in your seat. It is caused by different masses of air colliding at different […]

Flights: Turbulence leaves passenger in hospital after being injured during storm

Flights travelling across the US have been affected by a dangerous winter storm. The blizzard that has ensued has forced hundreds of flights to be delayed or cancelled across the country. An American Airlines flight travelling from Mexico over Dallas-Fort was hit with a bad bout of turbulence. Two people were injured onboard with the […]

Elon Musk’s mission to solve LA’s ‘soul-destroying’ traffic problem has begun, but there’s turbulence ahead

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk made a brief public appearance late on Tuesday to unveil the first tunnel completed by the underground transit venture he launched two years ago. Musk has advertised the proof-of-concept tunnel as a first step toward developing a high-speed subterranean network capable of whisking vehicles and pedestrians. The new tunnel was excavated […]

WATCH: Passengers injured after turbulence throws them across the cabin

Approximately 30 passengers were reported to be injured following the severe turbulence. Flight 423 was travelling from Guadalajara to Tijuana when the incident occurred. The passengers and crew members travelling on the Volaris flight hit strong winds which caused the incident. Eight of the injured passengers and four flight attendants were taken to hospital after […]

Storm causes turbulence so bad 'everyone on the plane threw up' on United Airlines flight

Thousands of passengers were left disappointed last week when their flights were cancelled due to severe weather warnings. Passengers aboard the United Airline’s CRJ-200 experienced a flight from hell last Friday. The 50 seater flight into Dulles airport on the outskirts of Washington, took off from Charlottesville, Virginia, as planned before hitting a particularly bad […]

Climate change is set to cause ‘severe turbulence’ for air passengers worldwide

Rising temperatures in the atmosphere could be causing more turbulence at cruising altitudes.  Turbulence already costs airlines $ 200 million annually.  Better forecasting is needed to save the airlines money and to stop more people from being seriously injured. Get plane sick? Feel a bit panicky about being 39,000 feet up? Fear the dreaded “turbulence” […]

EVA Air Flight Turbulence Leaves 11 Injured, One Seriously

Turbulence on EVA Air Flight Leaves 11 Injured, One Seriously Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does […]

Flight news: Why THIS is much more dangerous than turbulence, according to pilots

In flight turbulence is an aviation phenomenon where the flight becomes bumpy due to changes in the air pressure outside. Often, it causes the aircraft to start shaking uncontrollably.  It is especially bad news for nervous passengers who have a fear of flying. However, while generally turbulence is not dangerous, pilots fear updrafts much more.  […]

Nervous flyers look away now! Severe turbulence on flights to TRIPLE by 2050 due to THIS

Clear air turbulence on commercial planes is due to triple in less than four decades, revealed the research.  The study from the University of Reading is the first to analyse the effects of climate change on turbulence.  Researchers developed a mathematical model to predict how clear-air turbulence will be impacted by global warming between 2050 […]