Chicago's Tough — But Its School Security Chief Is Tougher

After someone pulled the fire alarms at a school on the southwest side of Chicago for four consecutive days, Jadine Chou, chief safety and security officer at Chicago Public Schools, had had enough. When she showed up at the school the next day, someone pulled the alarm again, and in the fury of confusion, three […]

Tougher emissions rules helped cut US air pollution deaths in half

There’s little doubt that air quality has generally improved in the US in recent decades, but quantifying that improvement has been difficult. However, a recently published University of North Carolina study might have produced a more tangible figure. The NASA- and EPA-backed report determined that American deaths from air pollution dropped by 47 percent between […]

Times Get Tougher for GM’s Chinese Venture As Automaker Orders 3.3 Million Vehicle Recall

Tariffs and other pressures are weighing on the once blistering hot Chinese new car market, and a suspension issue has now added new storm clouds to General Motors’ formerly sunny skies. The automaker’s Chinese arm, GM Shanghai, has announced the recall of 3.3 million Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac models. Bad news for a foreign company […]

Trump takes to Twitter talking tougher trade tariffs on G7 allies

US President Donald Trump has hinted at further tariffs on imports from fellow G7 countries if the “unfair trade deals are not straightened out.” “Looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries. If it doesn’t happen, we come out even better!” Trump tweeted on Friday. In a post before that, Trump […]

NHTSA proposal would override California’s tougher emissions rules

The Trump administration hasn’t been shy about wanting to roll back emissions and fuel economy guidelines, but there’s been a key obstacle to that: California. It has a waiver permitting it to apply tougher emissions standards, and that (combined with support from 12 other states) effectively dictates the rules for automakers across the US. Officials […]

Tougher regulation of Facebook is inevitable

Two long days of congressional hearings have come to an end for Mark Zuckerberg. But, the embattled Facebook CEO seems to have left members of Congress with more questions than answers about his company’s handling of user data, leading a number of them (both Democrats and Republicans) to float the idea of tougher regulations. Although […]

It’s getting tougher for Trump to find new lawyers to defend him in the Russia investigation

AP Photo/Evan Vucci President Donald Trump has been rejected by another set of attorneys he reached out to about joining his legal-defense team in the Russia investigation. The lawyers, Tom Buchanan and Dan Webb, said “business conflicts” will prevent them from representing the president, multiple news outlets reported on Monday night. One lawyer that Trump […]

Refugees from 11 ‘high-risk’ countries to face tougher US anti-terrorist screening

Washington announced it will limit entry of asylum seekers from 11 countries, reported to be Muslim-majority nations, in a bid to prevent “terrorists, criminals and fraudsters” from sneaking in disguised as refugees. Announcing the measure on Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the newly-unveiled restrictions “have nothing to do with race or religion.” “These […]

Donald Trump said he would negotiate Brexit with a ‘tougher’ attitude than Theresa May

Mark Wilson / Getty LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump would take a “tougher” approach to Brexit negotiations than Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, he said in a television interview to be broadcast later on Sunday. In the interview with British channel ITV, Trump said the European Union was “not cracked up to what […]