Instant justice: Thief crashes trying to escape robbery, victim trashes his car (VIDEO)

A daylight theft of a man’s tools was seemingly foiled when the would-be robber clumsily crashed into a tree trying to escape. The victim then extracted his own measure of revenge when he caught the thief. Filmed by a bystander from the window of a house in Oldham, Greater Manchester, the footage reveals how the […]

WATCH: Motorbike thief gets instant karma after victim REFUSES to be attacked

The video captured a young couple walking down the street with a large blue umbrella to shield them. A motorbike drove past them without stopping, followed by two men on another motorbike. The second bike slowed down in front of the couple and attempted to rob them. However, the young man refused to be a […]

The week's best rock album releases from Nick Mason, The Pineapple Thief and Gryphon

Nick Mason. Fictitious Sports. (Warners). **** 4 Stars. Roping in the avant-garde talents of Carla Bley and Robert Wyatt, with the rock talent of Chris Spedding, Mason delivers an abstract yet tuneful underpinning to these whip-smart songs. Where on occasion the musical path might veer off into the abstruse for some, it’s the deadpan delivery […]

WATCH: Thief who enters home to steal package suffers instant karma when THIS happens

The thief in the clip decided the beginning of the afternoon was the best time to try and steal a package from the home.  CCTV footage saw him pull up to the victim’s house in a white car, and after carelessly parking it he got out and made his move.  The man wasted no time […]

WATCH: Thief tries to grab mobile from woman but instantly regrets it when THIS happens

In CCTV footage uploaded to YouTube, the man can be seen watching the woman siting at the tram stop. He then gets up and walks towards her before rushing forward and trying to grab her phone out of her hands. The woman looks up in shock as she realises what the man is doing. A […]

Baywatch beauty Alexandra Daddario stops thief by FLASHING him: Watch it here

This is Baywatch, after all, so busty beauties in bikinis come as no surprise. Beyond the slo-mo beach montages, the recent Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron reboot upped the ante with X-rated jokes and rude scenes. Daddario’s breasts featured heavily in all of the above and even manage to stop a criminal getaway. Her big […]

WATCH: Justice is swift when thief suffers instant karma in this viral video

A viral video is a great argument for the existence of karma, after a video shows a thief getting instant justice. The young man can be seen on CCTV following an elderly woman into a shopping centre. The young man follows the woman closely behind her, sinisterly. He followers her into the shop, and they […]

WATCH: Car thief caught red-handed by furious owner who then serves justice by doing THIS

The moment was caught on CCTV and uploaded to Imgur, quickly going viral with over 1.7million views to date. The clip shows a white car parked on a relatively busy street in America. A man in a white top and black shorts is crouched by the door on the driver’s side. He can be seen […]