The Silicon Valley stylist who charges $2,000 or more to make techies look effortless says Rolexes are ‘gaudy’ and recommends a watch for less than $100 instead

Sergey Zaykov/Shutterstock Silicon Valley famously has its own set of fashion rules. Casual dress has always been king in the tech world, but some tech employees are opting for a more polished look. Stylist Victoria Hitchcock spoke to Vox about how techies can achieve an effortless style. Dressing for success means something different in Silicon […]

The Style Guru Transforming Techies From Frumpy to Fashionable

Something is missing from the Giorgio Armani store in San Jose, and not just the price tags. Sandwiched between Versace, Balenciaga and other tongue-twisting fashion linchpins, this tony boutique sports the sleek minimalism of an Apple Store. But then Joseph Rosenfeld saunters in, peppy as a cheerleader. All is now right. Today at the high-watt […]