The Silicon Valley stylist who charges $2,000 or more to make techies look effortless says Rolexes are ‘gaudy’ and recommends a watch for less than $100 instead

Sergey Zaykov/Shutterstock Silicon Valley famously has its own set of fashion rules. Casual dress has always been king in the tech world, but some tech employees are opting for a more polished look. Stylist Victoria Hitchcock spoke to Vox about how techies can achieve an effortless style. Dressing for success means something different in Silicon […]

I grew basil and lettuce using this indoor smart garden — and the process was truly effortless

Gardening and growing your own plants is a rewarding activity, but it’s not the easiest practice to master, especially when you lack time or patience and when there are factors you can’t control such as amount of sunlight. The Click & Grow Smart Garden ($ 199.95) is a self-watering system that allows even the most […]

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Tested: Effortless Cruiser

– Successful relationships are built on honesty and trust, and the Toyota Land Cruiser has found success as a straight-shooting and dependable sport-utility vehicle for more than 60 years. Although the Land Cruiser is no longer the no-frills Jeep alternative it originally was, the bricklike SUV remains true to its name: If there’s land in […]

Effortless French: Mt. Gox and Bitcoin’s roller coaster ride

Enlarge (credit: Effortless French / Canal+) After watching the riveting and entertaining nearly two-hour film documentary Effortless French, about the rise and fall of Mt. Gox, the infamous bitcoin exchange, there are two questions (one big, one small) that are never fully answered. (Full disclosure: I was interviewed for this film and appear in multiple scenes, […]