The Pandemic Shows Us the Genius of Supermarkets

Fairway Market, which credits itself with introducing New Yorkers to clementines, radicchio, fleur de sel, and vine-ripened fruit, started off as a small grocery store at 74th Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where it still stands. According to family lore, Nathan Glickberg arrived at Ellis Island from Russia sometime in […]

Tesco take on Aldi and Lidl with new discount store Jack’s – up to 60 supermarkets to open

Jack’s is owned by Tesco, and up to 60 stores will roll out across the UK in the coming months. Aldi and Lidl have seen soaring popularity in the UK in the past decade thanks to their lower pricing and simpler shopping experience. The first Jack’s store will be unveiled later today by Tesco chief […]

France was the first country to ban supermarkets from throwing away unused food — and the world is taking notice

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard France is starting to reap the benefits of a recent law that forces supermarkets to make use of unused food, rather than tossing it away.  The country earned top ranking in the 2017 Food Sustainability Index.  Food waste is a huge, and expensive, global issue. France is way ahead of other countries, including the […]

Can blockchain replace supermarkets? INS says yes, raises $43 million to prove it

Imagine a world where consumers buy their groceries directly from manufacturers, cutting grocery stores and supermarkets completely out of the equation. That’s a future blockchain startup INS wants to enable. And the company has just raised roughly $ 43 million (60,000 Ethereum) in a public token sale to make it happen. INS says seven of […]

PROPERTY WISH LISTS: Supermarkets and Post Offices within walking distance top demands

Despite the popularity of online grocery delivery services, 49 per cent of househunters want to be able to go to the shop themselves and preferably in less than 15 minutes. Supermarkets were not the only local essentials demanded by potential purchasers with Post Offices (26 per cent), train/underground stations (25 per cent) and pubs (23 […]