The towering political figures who died in 2018

REUTERS/Adrees Latif 2018 witnessed the deaths of several internationally-renowned figures who, for the past century, shaped the world’s political stage for good or bad. Here are 10 of the most prominent politicians, civil rights leaders, dictators, and activists who passed away this year. George H.W. Bush Matt Sayles, File via AP George H.W. Bush, the […]

HTGAWM Recap: Father Figures

Need to catch up? Read our previous How to Get Away With Murder recap here. There’s a whole slew of How to Get Away With Murder characters who are weighed down with daddy issues. Asher? Yep. Laurel? For sure. Bonnie? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. But on Thursday’s episode of the ABC drama, it was Nate’s […]

MIT machine vision system figures out what it’s looking at by itself

Robotic vision is already pretty good, assuming that it’s being used within the narrow bounds of the application for which it’s been designed. That’s fine for machines that perform a specific movement over and over, such as picking an object off of an assembly line and placing it into a bin. However for robots to […]

Police swoop on NZ harness racing figures

NEW Zealand police have raided the properties of several prominent harness racing identities as part of an investigation into alleged race fixing. A police statement on Tuesday said they had conducted search warrants at eight properties in Christchurch, one in Invercargill and another in Manawatu as part of Operation Inca — an investigation into alleged […]

Google Maps Street View: Very creepy figures spotted lurking in spooky cemetery

Google Maps Street View has captured a very spooky image set in a graveyard in the US. The shot is, at first glance, of a picturesque green, wooded area with late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees. It was taken at Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas, USA, which in itself sets a foreboding tone to […]

Cool Stuff: Funko’s Savage World ‘Thundercats’ Are Classic Beefcake Action Figures

Last week, you might have been weirded out by Funko’s release of a certain set of action figures in their Savage World line-up that turned iconic slashers like Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees into post-apocalyptic, pulp fiction style action figures with some of the biggest muscles you’ve ever seen. The line is inspired by the […]

Superhero Bits: ‘Infinity War’ Set to Celine Dion’s ‘Ashes’, Making ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Figures & More

Did a Funko POP spoil a new suit from the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game? Are you ready for Celine Dion‘s song “Ashes” laid over footage of Avengers: Infinity War? Did a featurette interview with Robert Downey Jr. spoil a certain scene in Avengers 4? How prominent will Superman be in this year’s Arrowverse crossover? All […]