Company that sucks CO2 from air announces a new methane-producing plant

Enlarge / Air capture at Climeworks’ Troia, Italy, plant. (credit: Climeworks) It’s been a banner week for hydrocarbons made from waste gases. Earlier this week, a company announced that it had delivered 4,000 gallons of jet fuel made from steel-plant waste gases to Virgin Atlantic. Now, Swiss company Climeworks has announced the opening of a […]

ProBeat: Oculus Connect 5 taught me Facebook Live still sucks

OPINION: As part of our Oculus Connect 5 coverage this week, we sent Dean Takahashi to the event in San Jose, California while the broader VentureBeat team supported him remotely by watching the livestream. Unfortunately, just like last year, Oculus chose Facebook Live. And just like last year, it was a poor experience. The day […]

Facebook is tracking you in ways you never knew — here’s the crazy amount of data it sucks up

Getty Facebook has revealed all the creepy ways it records information on users. The disclosure was made in a deluge of answers to US Congress following CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in April over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.See the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: What having a dog does to your brain […]

Everything Sucks! Cancelled at Netflix

Well, this, um, stinks: Netflix has cancelled the ’90s-set coming-of-age dramedy Everything Sucks! after one season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATEDCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled? Set in the town of Boring, Oregon in the year 1996, Everything Sucks! starred Jahi Di’Allo Winston (The New Edition Story) and Peyton Kennedy (Odd Squad) as Luke […]

Google Earth: Massive hole that sucks helicopters in revealed – but what is it?

Google Earth has revealed some of the most beautiful destinations around the world. Whilst conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts believe they have spotted confirmation of their ideas, more often than not they have a scientific explanation. A large hole has been spotted in Russia that goes deep into the ground in Mirny, Sakha Republic. It […]

Everything Sucks on Netflix: When does it start? Plot, cast, trailer and more

The coming of age teen comedy series from Netflix is sure to be a hit with Stranger Things fans and even fans of original 90s teen series like Saved By The Bell and My So Called Life.  Taking us back to 1996, Everything Sucks follows two groups of nerdy high school outsiders, the Drama club […]

This Morning viewers in uproar as chef SUCKS fingers during live cooking segment

The chef was showing Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby how to prepare a vegetarian feast this Christmas. Hugh used his fingers to stuff a roasted squash with parsnip, apples, chicory and sprouts whilst showing the hosts how to cook the seasonal vegetables.  However, viewers couldn’t help but notice that afar he handled the food, he […]

After Math: Everything sucks

It’s another week down and we’re all a bit closer to death. Huzzah. While the moron-in-chief continues to systematically dismantle everything good and decent about our country, the tech industry did its part to help hasten that process along. The heads of Twitter and Facebook respectively showed that they’re not just spineless incompetents but also […]