YouTube Music subscriptions shake up Google Play Music and YouTube Red

YouTube execs have finally announced the long-awaited revamp for YouTube Music that they say will eventually replace Google Play Music. In interviews with Recode, CNET and USA Today, they revealed the new YouTube Music will soft-launch next Tuesday with a $ 10 subscription packages (you can sign up now for updates right here). Similar to […]

Mercedes Flexperience subscriptions: Drive a different car each month

Mercedes-Benz will soon jump into the U.S. car subscription pool. Carmakers like Audi, Cadillac and Porsche, as well as tech companies like Clutch Technologies and Flexdrive, have already begun trialing multi-vehicle subscription services here. The Mercedes offering, called Flexperience in Europe and entirely controlled though the Mercedes Me app, should shortly begin trials in Germany […]

Google will show your news subscriptions first in search results

Google has extended another olive branch to news outlets in a bid to smooth things over with publishers. Soon, users who subscribe to digital newspapers and magazines will see articles from those titles appear higher in their search results. According to Bloomberg, people familiar with the matter also revealed that the search engine also plans […]

Newzoo: Nintendo could reap billions from subscriptions, digital sales, and mobile

Nintendo had spectacular growth in 2017, with revenues growing 172 percent to $ 9.2 billion from a year earlier. That’s good enough to push the Japanese publisher and hardware maker into the top 10 gaming companies by software revenues after a three-year absence from the list, according to market researcher Newzoo. But Newzoo estimates that […]

Uber is testing subscriptions for its food delivery business

Uber is considering rolling out a subscription model for its food delivery service, UberEats, according to one of the company’s UK executives. The Uber subsidiary, which is on course to do $ 3 billion (£2.2 billion) in sales this year according to a document seen by The Financial Times, has already been experimenting with subscriptions. […]

Twitch users can gift subscriptions to fellow viewers

Twitch is continuing to roll out the many upgrades it promised at TwitchCon. As of today, you can gift 1-month subscriptions to anyone on Twitch, regardless of the tier. They don’t auto-renew (you “currently” have to buy every month), but this could be helpful if you have a friend who can’t afford to subscribe but […]

YouTube’s Twitch-like subscriptions are available to any channel

YouTube just stepped up its efforts to compete with the likes of Twitch and Mixer. As of today, YouTube Gaming’s sponsorships (read: paid subscriptions) are open to any eligible creator. So long as you run a gaming channel that’s enabled for livestreaming, can earn money and has at least 1,000 free subscribers, you too can […]

Subscriptions surge for the ‘dishonest media’ after Trump’s attacks

Repeated attacks by President Donald Trump and his administration on what they call the “dishonest media” appear to have had an unexpected—and very welcome—side effect for some media companies, which have seen record numbers of new subscribers and donations. One of the most widely reported examples of this “Trump bump” is the New York Times, […]