Jeremy Clarkson tours Georgia with bust of Stalin on bonnet of his Bentley (VIDEO)

While touring Stalin’s homeland of Georgia, Jeremy Clarkson mounted a bust of the Soviet ruler on his Bentley roadster. The stunt could reportedly be explained by his forthcoming program about world dictators Georgia’s First Channel on Tuesday broadcast a video showing the former Top Gear host driving across the country with a bust of Joseph […]

The 8 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘The Death of Stalin,’ ‘Unsane’

This week’s must-stream is a tiny movie, but worth seeking out: one of last year’s best documentaries, a quiet portrait of an average family’s struggle. On the new release shelf, we’ve got spring movies from Steven Soderbergh and Armondo Iannucci. And this week’s robust catalog crop includes a blaxpoitation fave, an Oscar-winning doc, an inside-Hollywood […]

Gary Oldman on Churchill Darkest Hour SEQUEL with STALIN and Roosevelt

Rather than the Darkest Hour, the new movie is already looking like it will be the British star’s own finest hour. After years of awards snubs and disappointments, it looks almost certain that the Academy will follow the BAFTAs and give Oldman his first Best Actor Oscar this Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the actor himself may not […]

Black comedy ‘The Death of Stalin’ pulled from Russian cinemas after backlash

A black comedy about the death of Joseph Stalin has been pulled from cinema schedules in Russia just days before it was due for release, after several members of a State Duma committee said it contained “elements of extremism.” On Tuesday, several members of the Committee for Culture said Russia should put off the release […]

Here’s the New Trailer for Armando Iannucci’s ‘The Death of Stalin’

Around this time last year, we selected The Death of Stalin as one of our most anticipated movies of the year, and can you blame us? It’s Armondo Iannucci’s first feature film since In The Loop, and in the eight long years since that film, he went and created a little series you might’ve heard […]

‘The Death of Stalin’ Trailer: The Creator of ‘Veep’ Heads to Russia

Armando Iannucci, the profane genius responsible for Veep and In the Loop, has already had his way with American and English politics. So naturally, he’s set his sights elsewhere with his latest project, The Death of Stalin. As the title implies, the film takes place in the Soviet Union and tracks what goes down with the nation’s […]

Putin says nothing can justify political persecution as Russia commemorates Stalin victims

Published time: 30 Oct, 2017 23:31 Russia is commemorating the victims of political persecution in the former Soviet Union, particularly, the Stalinist repressions. Unveiling a new memorial on its national Day of Mourning, President Vladimir Putin said nothing can justify such actions of a government. The 30-meter-long “Wall of Grief” memorial was presented in Moscow’s […]

‘The Death of Stalin’ Trailer: ‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci Delivers Another Raucous Comedy

Anyone who’s seen HBO’s Veep, the 2009 film In The Loop, or the British TV series The Thick of It knows that writer/director Armando Iannucci has a biting and unique take on political comedy. His characters have a way of speaking that could be referred to as melodiously offensive, and it looks like he’s done it again with The […]

‘The Death of Stalin’ Review: Pitch-Black Comedy Done to Perfection [TIFF]

“I wanted to get away from American politics,” joked Veep creator Armando Iannucci at the world premiere of his new film The Death of Stalin during the Toronto International Film Festival. “So what better way than to make a film about a narcissist who terrifies his own country?” It’s hard not to see parallels to […]

‘The Death of Stalin’ Trailer: ‘Veep’ Creator Brings the Funny to Russia

If you’ve ever watched Veep or The Thick of It and wished you could see them done in a post-World War II Soviet Union, you’re in luck. Armando Iannucci, creator of the above foul-mouthed political comedies and director of The Thick of It’s film spin-off In the Loop, is bringing that same brand of crass comedy to Russia, with […]