Avengers Endgame tickets are OUT NOW: UK cinemas booking is open

Over the last week or so Marvel fans have known that Avengers Endgame tickets would go on sale in US theatres on April 2. While there was no news for UK cinemas, the major chains such as Cineworld and Odeon have also released tickets. There are multiple showings to chose from including midnight screening double […]

Al-Qaeda warns Saudi crown prince over replacing mosques with cinemas

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has reportedly warned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over his reforms, saying that reinstating movie theaters and bringing WWE wrestlers to the country were sinful projects. The Sunni terrorist group said that Mohammad bin Salman replaced mosques with cinemas and gave up on religious texts in a statement […]

Black comedy ‘The Death of Stalin’ pulled from Russian cinemas after backlash

A black comedy about the death of Joseph Stalin has been pulled from cinema schedules in Russia just days before it was due for release, after several members of a State Duma committee said it contained “elements of extremism.” On Tuesday, several members of the Committee for Culture said Russia should put off the release […]

Star Wars release date: When is new movie The Last Jedi out in cinemas in the UK?

Episode 8, named The Last Jedi, will be playing nationwide later this month; two years after the record-breaking Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The good news for British Star Wars fans is that they can see it a whole day earlier than many other territories – and there really isn’t long left to wait. Over […]

Get packing: Christmas markets, alternative ski destinations, and rooftop winter cinemas

Festive Goodies  The sleepy market town will transform as foodies from near and far descend to sample wares from all over Wales, with everything from local ales to cured meats, sweet chocolate and salty cheeses.  There will also be sherry tasting workshops, thrilling demos from award-winning chefs like Tommy Heaney, and the chance to see […]

WATCH The Nutcracker, Imelda Staunton in Follies and more LIVE at Vue cinemas

As well as theatre and ballet, Vue will also be showing live broadcasts from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and the Met Opera in New York. There is also a varied selection of features on artists like Cezanne and Claude Monet as well as the latest Oscar Wilde revival of A Woman of No […]

Star Wars 8 OUTRAGE: Cinemas BAN Last Jedi over 'AWFUL' Disney demands – Which cinemas?

There has been a major disturbance in the Force. Star Wars Episode 8 was cruising towards a massive box office triumph in December but now some cinemas may refuse to screen The Last Jedi at all. The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Disney is demanding such oppressive contracts with cinema chains that some may […]

A Guide to Cinema’s 10 Greatest Spooky Romances

When people are looking for movies to watch during the Halloween season, their eyes are often turned to the Horror genre. But what about the other emotional aspects of what many (including yours truly) considers “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? And more importantly, what about…love? That’s right, All Hallow’s Eve can be quite the time […]