‘Sovereign’ cryptocurrencies serve governments, not people

GUEST: Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies promise to enable economic, political and social freedom, if implemented properly. But the emergence of “sovereign” cryptocurrencies — backed by governments — contradicts everything that blockchain stands for and hoped to fix. Iran has now decided to develop its own national digital currency in r…Read More

Court: Native American tribe can’t be a “sovereign” shield during patent review

Enlarge / Mylan Inc. CEO Heather Bresch holds up a two-pack of EpiPen as she testifies during a hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee September 21, 2016 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images) In a unanimous decision, an appellate court has resoundingly rejected the legal claim that sovereign […]

‘Either Russia is a sovereign country, or there is no Russia’ – Putin on relations with the West

Sanctions, however harsh they may be, will not force Russia to abandon its independent stance in the world, President Vladimir Putin said, adding that Russians will never accept trade-offs at the expense of sovereignty. Speaking to Chinese TV, Putin said that he believes the rounds of sanctions imposed on Russia by the US, its allies […]

‘No United States of Europe’: Hungary’s Orban vows to strengthen his sovereign policies

Hungary will continue its anti-immigrant stance and will pursue a vision of the EU as a union of nations instead of the “United States of Europe,” PM Viktor Orban said after his party’s parliamentary elections victory. Orban believes the re-election triumph has given him a “strong mandate” to tackle the problems that concern Hungarians the […]

New bill would end Native American “sovereign immunity” for patents

Enlarge / US Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) at a hearing earlier this year. (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Allergan’s move to stop its patents from being reviewed by handing them off to a Native American tribe is winning support from few people outside the drug company. Now one lawmaker is seeking to ban it. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) has […]

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is now worth a trillion US dollars

Reuters The sovereign wealth fund of Norway, officially known as the Government Pension Fund of Norway, is the largest in the world. It allocates the country’s vast oil wealth into bonds, stocks, and to a growing extent, property. It is known to be able to move entire asset markets by its investment decisions. Yesterday, the […]

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund tops $1 trillion for the first time

Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach (Reuters) – The value of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, hit $ 1 trillion for the first time on Tuesday as booming global stock markets and a rising euro lifted its assets. Established in 1998 to save oil and gas revenues for future generations, the wealth fund is now worth about […]

Kenya launches the world’s first mobile-only sovereign bond

Trading floor of the future MOBILE money is ubiquitous in Kenya. Someone tapping on their phone might be paying school fees, sending money home or donating to a church. Soon they might be trading bonds. On June 30th the Kenyan government was due to launch M-Akiba, the world’s first sovereign bond to be sold exclusively […]