The Neighborhood Sneak Peek: Calvin Underestimates Escape Room Scares

RELATED STORIES Dave finally gets his wish when Calvin accompanies him to an escape room during The Neighborhood‘s Jan. 4 episode (CBS, 8/7c) — and TVLine has your exclusive first look. In the above clip, we follow Dave and his reluctant BFF into the interactive game, as their kooky host warns of the horrors ahead. […]

Bachelor’s Ghost-Themed Promo Gets Handsy, Scares Up an Oscar Winner

RELATED STORIES The Bachelor‘s “Pilot Pete” Weber gets a helping hand — many hands, in fact — at the potter’s wheel, in a Ghost-themed promo that aired Sunday night during ABC’s broadcast of the Oscars. With “Unchained Melody” of course scoring the scene, Peter the bare-chested, would-be potter sits at the wheel to fashion a […]

‘The Prodigy’ Trailer: Georgie from ‘IT’ Plays Your Typical Creepy Kid Creating Jump Scares

Since Halloween hit theaters this weekend, studios knew they needed to pack the pre-show with a bunch of horror trailers to get those hungry for scares excited about the terrors to come. Unfortunately, since it’s October, that means we’re talking about horror movies that will get dumped in the early months of 2019, where bad […]

Nimble bat scares Trump rally ahead of Halloween (VIDEO)

A winged creature of the night hilariously gatecrashed a rally for President Donald Trump with the bat stirring up chaos amongst the crowd. Police were even forced to swoop in to contain one of Count Dracula’s minions. With ‘Make America Great Again’ supporters turning out to see the president speak in Johnson City, Tennessee, the […]

‘The Nun’ Early Buzz: A Weak Entry in the ‘Conjuring’ Universe Offers Jump Scares and Little Else

This weekend brings The Nun to theaters, adding another origin story to one of the horrors from the Conjuring universe. However, fans looking for any proper explanation as to where this demonic woman of the clergy comes from may walk away disappointed. Instead, you’ll be treated to 90 minutes of jump scares and a lot of […]

‘A Quiet Place’ scares up $50 million to win the weekend box office (VIA)

Paramount Pictures Paramount’s “A Quiet Place” wins the weekend box office with an estimated $ 50 million. That’s a huge profit for a movie made for only $ 17 million. “Black Panther” now is the third highest-grossing movie all-time at the domestic box office (not counting inflation). Paramount’s frightening “silent” horror movie “A Quiet Place” […]

Veronica: Is THIS the most TERRIFYING moment in the film? Our Top 3 scares

Young girls in basement? Check. Ouija board? Check. Demonic presence? Check. Terrifued viewers hiding behind cushions and desperately reaching for the remote? Chech, check, check. Netflix had scored another huge pop culture hit with its imported Spanish screamer, with hysterical social media posts claiming they can’t even watch it to the end. The supernatural chiller […]