Trump’s allies are baffled over his increasing support of the QAnon movement: Rolling Stone

Former President Donald Trump has been referencing the QAnon movement more frequently since the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida on August 8. Brandon Bell/Getty Images Some people close to Trump are confused as to why he is suddenly leaning hard towards QAnon. Some sources suggested to Rolling Stone that Trump was trolling for […]

Stephen Mulhern reveals explicit Jimmy Carr outburst ‘cut’ from ITV’s Rolling In It

“I can hear the people online going, ‘Oh it’s like Tipping Point’ but I don’t think you can compare it.  “Ben’s coin on his show drops, ours rolls, apart from that they’re different,” noted Stephen. Other stars who will appear throughout the series include reality TV star Gemma Collins, radio and TV presenter Mark Wright and DJ […]

Facebook’s “downvote” system begins rolling out wider in US—here’s how it works

Enlarge (credit: Jean-Léon Gérôme / Getty / Aurich Lawson) Facebook’s latest dalliance with a “downvote” button launched this week as a limited test in the United States. The feature began appearing on the service’s mobile app without a formal company announcement—and we only found out about it by browsing on our phones. The feature appears […]

Xbox One UPDATE: July patch rolling out TODAY, here’s what new Microsoft download brings

Xbox One and Xbox One X owners will be able to download the July update soon, with the patch rolling out today. The Xbox July update brings with it a number of system improvements, including better games and app organisation. But the headline addition will be the new FastStart feature announced during Microsoft’s E3 2018 […]

EPA close to finish line on rolling back auto emissions standards

Enlarge (credit: David McNew/Getty Images) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hit a major milestone today in its move to roll back auto emissions standards that would have had a major impact in lowering the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the EPA’s move reportedly sets it up for conflict with California, the only […]

‘The Gingerbread Girl’ Keeps the Stephen King Adaptation Train Rolling

Hollywood is quickly running out of big Stephen King novels to turn into movies, so they’re turning to more obscure works. Case in point: King’s novella The Gingerbread Girl will now be turned into a film, with King co-writing the screenplay himself. The Stephen King adaptation train continues rolling along. Deadline reports King’s novella The Gingerbread Girl, which […]

Panera almost killed its delivery test 4 years ago — now it’s dominating the industry and rolling out across the US

Panera is now delivering food across the US.  CEO Blaine Hurst told Business Insider that most other chains are “playing catch-up” when it comes to delivery. Panera almost killed its delivery program during its original test in 2014. Now, 62% of Panera’s business is off-premise, which includes drive-thru, take-out, delivery, and catering.   Panera is […]

'Black Tuesday': French rail workers begin 1st day of rolling strikes to protest Macron's reforms

Three months of rolling rail strikes have started in France, in protest against reforms by French President Emmanuel Macron. Train services have been severely disrupted across the country. The Tuesday strike is the first day of the planned action, which will see rail stoppages on two days out of every five, until June 28, unless […]