Avengers Endgame tickets reselling for HUNDREDS as Star Wars pre-sale record ANNIHILATED

Yesterday, Avengers Endgame tickets went on sale around the world, crashing cinema websites for hours. UK chains like Cineworld and Odeon couldn’t be accessed for hours, while Vue had a queue system with long waiting times. Some Marvel fans took to social media to either celebrate their success at getting opening weekend seats or lamenting […]

McDonald’s ‘Big Mac Special Sauce’ Giveaway Bottles Reselling For $100,000: Did You Get Your Limited Edition Bottle?

McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Giveaway has driven people nuts. If you were lucky to get a free McDonald’s limited edition Big Mac sauce bottle — that is now selling on eBay up to $ 100,000 — you may have to settle for one of the fast food franchise’s new Big Macs. McDonald’s forced the […]