Bill Barr says a special master won’t fundamentally change much for Trump and represents a ‘rain delay for a couple of innings’

William Barr served as US attorney general under former President Donald Trump. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Bill Bar said it's unlikely a special master will compromise the outcome of the Mar-a-Lago probe. The former attorney general said the DOJ still has "very strong evidence" at its disposal. At the same time, he blasted a judge's decision […]

Hurricane Florence represents a grave threat to the East Coast

Enlarge / Hurricane Florence on NOAA’s GOES satellite early Monday morning. (credit: NOAA) Typically, around this time of year, sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic reach their warmest levels for the summer. At the same time, wind shear across much of the tropical Atlantic ebbs, leading to an outbreak of tropical activity. Rarely is the […]

Square is taking on the big cryptocurrency exchanges — and it represents a $30 million opportunity (SQ)

Richard Drew/AP Square is running a trial that allows some users of its Cash App to buy and sell bitcoin. A full roll-out of the trial could translate into $ 30 million in revenues for the company, according to Credit Suisse. It could also cut into the market share of existing cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase.  […]

The one Yahoo meme that perfectly represents the faltering company

(credit: Know Your Meme) Now that Yahoo is on the verge of being eaten by Verizon, it’s hard to remember that the troubled company was once an innovative startup. But Yahoo rocketed to popularity after building the first directory for “homepages” on the 1990s information superhighway. Later, it became a giant of the Web 2.0 […]

Chinese New Year 2017: Find All The Best Greetings To Ring In The New Year, Plus What Animal Represents 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 has arrived, and anyone looking for the right greeting or information about what animal represents this year can find everything they need right here. The biggest event in the Chinese calendar starts on January 28, when the world celebrates the turning of the calendar. While the rest of the world celebrates […]