Fears over freedom in Hong Kong are rising as an Australian researcher reveals he was followed and profiled by a Communist Party tabloid

PHILIP FONG/AFP/Getty Images) One of Hong Kong’s fiercely pro-Beijing mastheads, Wen Wei Po, has revealed itself as the stalker of an Australian academic, nearly four days after he began tweeting evidence that he was being tailed around Hong Kong. Dr. Kevin Carrico, a Chinese studies lecturer at Australia’s Macquarie University, has been doing research in […]

‘Racially profiled & humiliated’: Black candidate busted for dealing politics seeks apology

An African-American nominee for the Wisconsin State Assembly told RT that she felt hurt and humiliated after being racially profiled and reported to cops as she was canvassing her electorate in a predominantly white neighborhood. Ahead of the Democratic primary for a state Assembly seat in Wisconsin’s 77th District, Shelia Stubbs was knocking on doors […]

The far right is floating conspiracy theories about a CNN reporter who profiled a pro-Trump Reddit user

Several far-right personalities online have fueled conspiracy theories about CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski, who profiled “HanAssholeSolo,” the Reddit user whose WWE meme was tweeted by President Donald Trump. Critics of CNN have shared the stories, which have numerous factual inaccuracies about Kaczynski’s reporting and social-media activity. CNN has pushed back against some of the reports. […]