Pornhub will know everything about you under new rules for sex-streaming sites

A sex-streaming giant has announced that it will collect data on anyone accessing its porn stash – but will not record their sexual preferences. Read more MindGeek – the biggest internet pornography company in the world – will collect information, including users’ addresses and ages, under new age-verification laws. The new Digital Economy Act means […]

Net neutrality is bad? 1 million PornHub employees can’t be wrong. Oh, wait.

Enlarge / FCC Chairman Ajit Pai with his oversized coffee mug in November 2017. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) WASHINGTON, DC—If Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai actually allowed the weight of public comments on the FCC’s proposed changes to network neutrality regulations to sway (or confirm) his position, he seems to have given more […]

Tension relief? Hawaiians rush to Pornhub minutes after false ballistic missile alarm

Thousands of Hawaiians eased their anxieties by watching porn just moments after a ballistic missile alert last Saturday turned out to be a false alarm, Pornhub traffic data has revealed. Most Hawaiians predictably abandoned their porn to save their lives from an imminent ballistic threat, Pornhub, the largest pornographic video sharing website, revealed Wednesday. Within […]

Pornhub, Trump & Reddit: RT’s 6 best April Fool’s Day pranks (POLL)

Published time: 1 Apr, 2017 19:34 April Fool’s Day pranks are notoriously transparent PR stunts, but this year the games have thankfully taken a savagely entertaining turn. Snapchat Snapchat gained the world’s respect for publicly calling out copycat Instagram this April Fool’s Day. The app created an Instagram-like filter with two likes – one from […]

The Most NSFW Site For Streaming Every Star Wars Movie Is Pornhub

All images: Screenshot via Pornhub As far as accidental comedy goes, few things beat watching a PG-rated Disney film on a site with the ads for penis enlargement guides and “Tinder for MILFs.” And while I didn’t specifically seek out Pornhub or 2014’s animated adventure Big Hero 6 today, both came into view thanks to […]

Do it like they do on the Discovery channel: Pornhub urges public to have Panda sex

Published time: 16 Mar, 2017 21:06 PornHub have come up with a novel way to mark #NationalPandaDay, offering to donate cash to an animal charity in return for personal videos of people having sex dressed in panda suits. The idea behind the porno push is to show the videos to pandas, with the hope of […]

PornHub offers to ‘plow your brains out’ if snowed under for #StormStella (PHOTOS)

Published time: 14 Mar, 2017 18:24 Adult website PornHub is doing its bit to help out residents in Boston by pledging to send out a fleet of snowplows to help those affected during Tuesday’s massive snowstorm. The company has promised to assist anyone who “wants to get plowed” on Tuesday as forecasters predicted a huge […]

Pornhub just launched a sex ed portal for its users

Pornhub is now offering a new kind of education-based entertainment and no, it’s not just more pigtails and plaid skirts. The porn hosting site announced on Wednesday that it has teamed with famed sex therapist, Dr. Laurie Betito, to create the Sexual Wellness Center (SFW). This portal will provide responsible advice and information on a […]