Trump vows to corral migrant caravans into ‘nice tent cities’ pending ‘asylum trials’

Countering charges of fearmongering stemming from his description of Central American migrant caravans as “invasion,” President Trump shared his plans to house the newcomers in “very nice” tent cities until their cases are heard. Trump told Fox News he plans to build tent cities to hold the thousands of Central American asylum-seekers currently trekking through […]

John Tavares's move draws keen interest from pending free agents

When John Tavares decided to pass on signing an extension with the New York Islanders and test free agency, he became the most interesting man in hockey. NHL stars don't ordinarily get to that point, and it led to Tavares going home to Toronto to sign a $ 77 million US, seven-year contract with the […]

Despite Chrome’s pending “mark of shame,” 3 major news sites aren’t HTTPS

Fox News is one of three top news websites that are not encrypting content. In February, Emily Schechter, the Chrome Security Product Manager at Google, announced in a blog post that beginning with the release of Chrome version 68, “Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’.” This means that Chrome users will see […]

Nexon aims for global magic with pending launch of MapleStory M

Nexon’s MapleStory is looking a bit dated in its 15th year as an online game. But the Tokyo-based company plans a big makeover as it prepares the global launches of MapleStory 2 for the PC and MapleStory M for mobile devices. It might seem odd that Nexon is investing so heavily in a franchise that originally […]

Brazil’s supreme court rules ex-President Lula can be jailed for corruption pending appeal

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva can be jailed on corruption charges, the country’s supreme court has ruled, dismissing an application to allow him to remain free pending an appeal against those charges. The country’s top court has voted 6-5 to deny Lula’s plea and ruled he must start serving a 12-year prison […]

Win for ex-Grubhub driver in pending trial may profoundly impact “gig economy”

Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images News) SAN FRANCISCO—Next month, a federal judge is set to answer a basic question at trial: should a “gig economy” worker be properly classified as an employee? If so, should his work-related expenses be reimbursed, such as mileage? “This is the first case in California as to how the […]

FTC: We won’t stand in the way of pending Amazon-Whole Foods merger

Enlarge (credit: Portal Abras) The Federal Trade Commission has formally allowed Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods to go forward. According to a statement released Wednesday by Bruce Hoffman, the acting FTC director: “Based on our investigation, we have decided not to pursue this matter further. Of course, the FTC always has the ability to investigate […]