US Customs stores duplicates of travelers’ phone and laptop contents — including medical records, photos, and calendar appointments — without much oversight, report says

A patch is seen on the sleeve of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer as he uses facial recognition technology in his booth at Miami International Airport to screen a traveler entering the United States on February 27, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images US Customs preserves data from phones, laptops, and tablets […]

‘We’re guinea pigs’: Canada’s oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients

Millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices in order to function — to do everything from walk without pain to pump blood through their veins. But a new CBC investigation reveals some devices are approved with scant scientific evidence to show they are safe and effective.

How Oakland sets the new standard for meaningful police tech oversight

(video link) It’s a common adage in the tech world: “privacy is hard.” On the one hand, a city like Oakland wants to have enough surveillance that it can mitigate crimes like the recent tragic killings at local public transit stations. On the other hand, Oaklanders—as they have for decades—are concerned about the real possibility […]

White House refuses House Oversight Committee’s info request on Rob Porter

The White House is refusing to comply with a request from the House Oversight Committee for information on how former top staffer Rob Porter was allowed to work with an interim security clearance. Porter resigned in February amid the mounting fallout over allegations of domestic abuse. His resignation led White House chief of staff John […]

Even free-market Republicans who hate government oversight want bitcoin to be regulated

Reuters/Dado Ruvic Members of the US Congress are pushing towards regulation of cryptocurrencies. Both Democrats and Republicans, even the strongest free-market supporters, are endorsing the idea. The move is coming as cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have spiked in value. Jolted by the global investment craze over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, U.S. lawmakers are moving to consider […]

Dangerous Oversight

The US Air Force is changing how it reports service members’ criminal history to the FBI after finding that the service had failed to register several dozen convictions, including domestic violence charges against the Texas church gunman, with the national background check database. After a preliminary review revealed “reporting deficiencies” that led to several dozen […]

Fast and Loose: There’s No Oversight for Nurburgring Lap-Time Claims

– Numbers don’t lie. They defy interpretation. That’s one reason why car-obsessed souls pore over performance numbers such as horsepower, acceleration times, and lateral grip with religious zeal. We’ve all watched with varying levels of envy, awe, and stupefaction at how ’Ringmeisters tame what Sir Jackie Stewart once called the Green Hell. The German Nürburgring’s […]

Google bets AI and human oversight will curb online extremism

Google is under a lot of pressure to stamp out extremists’ online presences, and it’s responding to that heat today. The internet giant has outlined four steps it’s taking to flag and remove pro-terrorism content on its pages, particularly on YouTube. Technological improvements play a role, of course, but the company is also counting on […]