The Morning After: Biden outlines where the CHIPS act money is going

The US may have the edge in semiconductor design, but manufacture is still the crown jewel of places like Taiwan. To counter this, the Biden administration has outlined where it will allocate the $ 50 billion in investment the CHIPS act has allowed for. Of that, $ 28 billion is to boost domestic production of […]

‘Won’t be like GMB!’ Andrew Neil outlines plans for a Piers Morgan GB News role

He has spoken to Sky News and taken to Twitter, however, to respond to his departure from the breakfast TV programme. To his 7.8million Twitter followers he wrote: “On Monday, I said I didn’t believe Meghan Markle in her Oprah interview.  “I’ve had time to reflect on this opinion, and I still don’t. If you […]

BioWare outlines the next few months of ‘Anthem’

Now that Anthem is available to everyone, there’s an obvious question: what comes next? Not surprisingly, BioWare is ready to shed light on the future of its shared-world shooter. The studio has published a 90-day roadmap that shows plans for both more raw gameplay as well as deeper changes to the mechanics. The new Echoes […]

Gonzalo Higuain transfer confirmed by Chelsea: Striker outlines Stamford Bridge ambitions

Chelsea have confirmed the signing of Higuain, who joins on loan until the end of the current campaign. The Blues announced the arrival of the Argentina international by saying: “Gonzalo Higuain has today joined Chelsea on loan for the remainder of the season. “The 31-year-old striker moves to Stamford Bridge from Italian side Juventus. “He […]

TSA outlines its plans for facial recognition on domestic flights

The Transportation Security Administration is determined to make facial recognition and other biometrics a regular part of the airport experience, and it now has a roadmap for that expansion. The effort will start by teaming with Customs and Border Protection on biometric security for international travel, followed by putting the technology into use for TSA […]

Chickenpox symptoms: Can adults get the illness? Dr Sara outlines complications of rash

CHICKENPOX symptoms can include a high temperature, aches and pains, a loss of appetite, and, one of the more recognisable signs, an itchy and spotty rash. The illness mostly affects children, but can adults get it? Dr Sara Kayat appeared on This Morning to offer her advice for adults fearful of contracting the illness during […]

Tonsillitis: When can you get your tonsils removed? Dr Ranj outlines symptoms to look for

TONSILLITIS is a common illness that can affect children and adults, but while it usually goes away on its own a few days, some people can suffer reoccurring bouts. If you experience recurrent tonsillitis, when can you get your tonsils taken out? Dr Ranj Singh on This Morning said you must have two specific symptoms […]

Democratic Task Force Outlines Voting Security Plan, With First Primary Just Weeks Away

The Congressional Task Force on Election Security announced extensive recommendations for strengthening defense. But most of them won’t happen any time soon.

Porche outlines aggressive Mission E charging strategy

Uwe Michael, who heads up the electrics/electronics development division at Porsche, gave a lengthy interview on the sports car maker’s plans for electrification. In it, Michael discussed how the company plans to satisfy the particular desires of a Porsche customer with respect to charging, driving performance, and future convenience possibilities. Porsche designed an 800-volt system […]

Pavement parking – Major UK city outlines areas where offenders face punishment

Motorists caught parking on the pavement in Liverpool face punishment in a new clampdown.  Liverpool City Council has outlined a number of areas where offenders can face a punishment.  This crackdown on inconsiderate drivers will begin in 2018.  The council has identified a number of hotspots where its resources and parking wardens will be issued.  […]