BioWare outlines the next few months of ‘Anthem’

Now that Anthem is available to everyone, there’s an obvious question: what comes next? Not surprisingly, BioWare is ready to shed light on the future of its shared-world shooter. The studio has published a 90-day roadmap that shows plans for both more raw gameplay as well as deeper changes to the mechanics. The new Echoes […]

BioWare addresses ‘Anthem’ VIP demo glitches

The Anthem VIP demo didn’t exactly launch according to plan between flaky connections and neverending loads, assuming you can even log in. However, BioWare has at least heard players’ cries. In an update, the studio’s Chad Robertson said the company was addressing the chronic issues with this first wave of public previews. It’s continuing to […]

‘Baldur’s Gate’ designer James Ohlen leaves BioWare after 22 years

James Ohlen might not be a household name, but if you love video games, you might have played some of the titles he helped create. He became a full-time designer to work on the original Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II back in the ’90s, and he has since worked as lead designer and creative […]

EA at E3: BioWare confirms Anthem in Feb 2019, Madden returns to PC

Enlarge / It’s time to embark in the next Desti—er, no, sorry, this is a teaser for BioWare’s new series Anthem. (credit: BioWare) EA’s E3 press conference on Saturday ended with a big, Anthem-loaded bang. The first entry in BioWare’s next game series, an open-world online-shooter that looks like Destiny with jetpacks, was showcased with […]

‘Dragon Age’ director Mike Laidlaw leaves BioWare after 14 years

Today Mike Laidlaw announced his departure from Bioware, where he’s been involved with games including Jade Empire, Mass Effect and the entire Dragon Age series. He served as creative director on Dragon Age: Inquisition, and mentioned in a note about the team that “I have every confidence that the world we’ve created together is in […]

BioWare senior creative director Mike Laidlaw announces his departure

BioWare senior creative director Mike Laidlaw announced today on Twitter that he is leaving the studio after 14 years. Laidlaw has worked on blockbuster role-playing game series Dragon Age (a fantasy romp) and Mass Effect (a sci-fi franchise). He didn’t share any details on what projects he will be working on next, but in a tweet, he says […]

Bioware slams the door on any more Mass Effect: Andromeda single-player content

Enlarge / Pretend that planet is Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s single-player DLC, then look at it wistfully, turn around, and walk away. (credit: Bioware) Anybody who hoped the troubled Bioware game Mass Effect: Andromeda would get some more single-player content should probably sit down. The game developer chose to deliver bad news to fans on Saturday evening […]

Forget Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, BioWare has plans for THIS forgotten franchise

With Mass Effect Andromeda DLC looking increasingly unlikely, developer BioWare has spoken about another forgotten franchise. BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw has discussed the Dragon Age franchise in a series of posts on Twitter. Laidlaw suggested that BioWare still has plans for another two Dragon Age games and that there is no planned ending for the series. “There […]

Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer gets new BioWare DLC boost

A new Mass Effect Andromeda DLC multiplayer mission has been released by BioWare this week. APEX Missions are pretty the last new content coming to the game, with the likelihood of any new single-players being launched, slim to none. There’s around 34hrs left on the new briefing, with BioWare confirming the end time to be […]

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC silence continues as BioWare reveal multiplayer plans

It’s now believed that there will be no Mass Effect Andromeda DLC released on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. As revealed last week, the only team now working on the game are focused solely on multiplayer and patch projects. So today’s announcement would make a lot of sense when it comes to the future of […]