Google open-sources object detection tech that powers Nest Cam, Image Search, and Street View

Google handed a new set of intelligent object detection capabilities over to the open source community as part of continued development of its TensorFlow framework. The TensorFlow Object Detection API gives data scientists and developers access to the same tech that Google uses for its own systems, like the Nest Cam, similar items in Image […]

Google open-sources mobile-first computer vision models for TensorFlow

Google is helping smartphones better recognize images without requiring massive power consumption, thanks to a new set of models the company released today. Called MobileNets, the pre-trained image recognition models let developers pick between a set of models that vary in size and accuracy to best suit what their application needs. Right now, a lot […]

AI Weekly: Facebook launches Messenger Platform 2.0 and open-sources Caffe2 deep learning framework

Here’s this week’s newsletter: Discovery is the number one issue bot makers told Facebook Messenger they wanted addressed, said Messenger engineering manager Mikhail Larionov. That’s certainly what VentureBeat has heard from bot developers, and now — a year after the launch of the Messenger Platform — Facebook has launched version 2.0 at its F8 conference. And it’s […]

GitLab open-sources Pages as part of its free Community Edition

GitLab, a startup that offers open-source and premium source code repository software, today announced the availability of GitLab Pages code in its open-source Community Edition distribution. GitLab Pages lets people easily create and update their own websites with a number of static site generators (SSGs) such as Jekyll and Pelican. Previously GitLab Pages was available […]