FX’s Baskets Navigates an ‘Insane,’ Clown-Afraid World in Season 4 Trailer

A world in which kids are afraid of clowns is a world gone insane, Chip laments in this extended Season 4 trailer for FX’s Baskets. In the acclaimed comedy’s new season, premiering Thursday, June 13 at 10/9c,big changes are underway for the Baskets family. After 49 years, Chip (played by Zach Galifianakis) decides it’s finally […]

‘Medici: The Magnificent’ Trailer: Sean Bean Navigates Another Conspiring Medieval Family

Sean Bean in a medieval drama series? What will they think of next! The Game of Thrones actor has found a new scheming medieval family to navigate, except the twist is not that he’s going to die (though that may very well happen) but that Bean is playing the descendent of a character played by his Game […]

Lost Memories Dot Net Navigates Teenage Love Through Site Building

Lost Memories Dot Net puts players in the role of fourteen-year-old Nina, dealing with a teenage love triangle through chatting with her friend, Kayla, as she puts together a blog. Delving deep into the internet of 2004, it explores the particularities of teenage relationships while letting players experience the quirks and sites of a certain […]