Nigel Havers slams ‘hostile’ Andrew Marr: ‘You don’t get anything out of MPs’

Nigel Havers, 68, presenter of new BBC show The Bidding Room, had a few home truths for renowned political journalist Andrew Marr. Slamming him for his “hostility” towards MP interviewees, Nigel questioned “Why can’t we work together?” at a time where the nation needs as many straight answers from the government as possible. BACK BRITAIN’S […]

‘She crossed a line’ BBC’s Andrew Marr opens up over Emily Maitlis Cummings row

In a rare appearance on ITV Good Morning Britain, BBC’s Andrew Marr told Piers Morgan the people behind the decision to find Emily Maitlis in violation of BBC‘s impartiality rules are very experienced. Asked whether he believed the Newsnight host had “crossed a line”, Mr Marr said: “Every single Sunday I sit down with my […]

Last night's TV: Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me and National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh

The Andrew Marr we see reporting on political events, presenting documentaries and grilling MPs has always, I think, contained quite a bit of the real bloke.  No one who defines journalism as, “the industrialisation of gossip” is taking themselves too seriously.  A serious thing certainly happened to Mr Marr though in January 2013 when a […]