Time to get into a scrape, SAYS ALAN TITCHMARSH

One I remember involved a “tiny bonfire” at a friend’s overgrown and tinder-dry garden (you can guess what came next). There were also several incidents involving go-karts and the bus station wall, not to mention the Guy Fawkes guy I dressed in dad’s old clothes which, it turned out too late, weren’t old clothes at […]

Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Alan Titchmarsh signs up to face Shirley Ballas in new series?

Alan, 68, was pipped to the post by George Clooney, but he could be signing up for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing to show the viewers that he still has the moves. Known for his gardening skills, Alan’s fame skyrocketed during his time fronting Ground Force, before hosting his popular afternoon chat show The […]

Orchids are insiders’ tip, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

GETTY Orchids hold their leaves all year round making them a dream to grow In their heyday during the 1970s, house plants covered every available domestic surface. Spare-bedroom windowsills bristled with collections of African violets, spider plants would crawl out of macramé hanging-basket holders in the hallway and every living room seemingly had a rubber […]

The sight of an unkempt, unmown lawn is now much less appealing, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

You might think that at any moment now, you could put your mower away and not take it out again until spring. After all, that’s what all the old gardening books say: “Send the mower away for servicing.” The thing is that nowadays our winter cold spells tend to be brief and, in the milder […]

Turn your Bonfire Night green: Create a biodegradable Guy Fawkes, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

The lads in our street would make a Guy out of old sacks stuffed with rags.  We’d scrounge old clothes to dress him in then tote him around the streets on a go-cart (homemade from orange boxes, pram wheels and bits of string) to raise money for buying fireworks.  Back home, our dads would save […]

Prince Philip visibly shaken as Alan Titchmarsh makes Princess Anne confession: ‘What?'

The Duke Of Edinburgh took centre stage in ITV’s hour-long special, Prince Philip: 70 Years of Service, which looked back at the 95-year-old’s royal career.  Though, Philip was visibly unimpressed by Alan’s questions, laughing at many and refusing to answer others.  Amid the many painful encounters came as Alan asked if Philip “enjoyed his time […]

Last night's TV: Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me and National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh

The Andrew Marr we see reporting on political events, presenting documentaries and grilling MPs has always, I think, contained quite a bit of the real bloke.  No one who defines journalism as, “the industrialisation of gossip” is taking themselves too seriously.  A serious thing certainly happened to Mr Marr though in January 2013 when a […]