Who will inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s jewels, tiaras, and brooches — all worth millions

The Queen examines her coronation crown in "The Coronation." BBC Queen Elizabeth left behind a vast collection of jewels, tiaras, and brooches when she passed away on Thursday.  Some of the items will remain part of the Crown Jewels on display at the Tower of London.  Others are expected to be passed down to King […]

Antiques Roadshow expert reveals stunning price tag of ‘super in demand’ French jewels

Antiques Roadshow returned with a brand new series on Sunday night as the nation brought forward their weird and wonderful items for valuation.  Taking place at Morden Hall Park in South London, those watching at home saw an expert cast his eye over two usual pieces of jewellery.  Discussing their origin, the guest revealed who […]

How the Queen pays tribute to Saudi Kings by wearing these lavish jewels

The Queen has an array of stunning jewels, many of them given to her by foreign royals, including these gems from the Middle East. The King Faisal Diamond Necklace Designed by Harry winston and given to the Queen by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in 1967 during his state visit to the country, and the […]

King Bluetooth treasure trove: Amateur archaeologist finds 1,000yo coins & jewels

An amateur archaeologist and his teenage sidekick have unearthed a trove of silver artefacts thought to have belonged to Danish King Harald Bluetooth – the royal inspiration for the technology of the same name. READ MORE: 2,200yo Greco-Roman temple uncovered in Egyptian desert René Schön and 13-year-old Luca Malaschnitschenko found the hoard while searching northern […]

Kate Middleton received these jewels from overseas royals and dignitaries last year

Kate Middleton, 36, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been bestowed with a number of gifts this year from members of the public, as has Prince William, 35. The couple have picked up a number of goodies, especially on their royal tours of Belgium and Finland. This includes some jewellery, which is likely to be worth […]

The Queen’s stunning jewellery collection: Pictures of her finest jewels

Queen Elizabeth II, 91, has inherited a beautiful collection of jewellery which she delights in wearing on her royal tours and engagements. Many of the jewels have a rich history making them unique and special to the Queen. Take for example the Aquamarine Clip brooches which Her Royal Highness wore to visit Mayflower Primary School […]

Camilla Parker Bowles: Duchess of Cornwall’s £3 million jewels from the Saudi Royal Family

Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles, has access to the royal jewellery vaults as one of the UK’s highest-ranking women.  The 70-year-old has already worn millions of pounds worth of royal jewels and has a very valuable personal collection. Camilla, the second wife of the next-in-line to the British throne, has also received […]

The Coronation: Queen Elizabeth II gleams as she excitedly grasps crown jewels

Forming part of the BBC’s new Royal Collection Season, the show looked back at coronations throughout history. In one scene, joined by Royal commentator Alastair Bruce, the Queen excitedly grabbed her crown and pulled it towards herself. Looking at her coronation crown, the Queen said: “Is it still as heavy? Yes it is! It weighs […]

Queen’s Crown Jewels were hidden from Hitler’s Nazi army in this secret everyday object

The Queen’s Crown Jewels were hidden from Hitler’s Nazi regime during World War 2 inside an unexpected everyday object. In case of an invasion, the valuable gems now property of Queen Elizabeth II were put inside no other than a biscuit tin, a royal BBC documentary called The Coronation will reveal on Sunday night. This […]

Camilla Parker Bowles’ royal jewels including the Queen Mother’s gems she loves to wear

Camilla Parker Bowles, 70, and Prince Charles, 69, married in 2005, after the Prince, the first in line to the British throne, proposed with his grandmother, the Queen Mother’s ring. Since she has worn many pieces from the Prince and some that belonged to the Queen Mother. Express.co.uk explored the jewellery worn by Camilla over […]