Jeopardy! Announces ‘Fab 15’ Players Competing in College Championship

RELATED STORIES Jeopardy! is bringing together 15 of the country’s most studious students for the most important test of their lives. The game on show on Monday revealed the full roster for its 2020 College Championship, which will award one winner a $ 100,000 grand prize “and a berth in the next edition of the […]

Eddie Murphy on SNL: Velvet Jones Brings ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ to Black Jeopardy

RELATED STORIES What’s a Saturday Night Live Christmas episode without some “Ho, Ho, Hos” courtesy of the one and only Velvet Jones? As part of host Eddie Murphy‘s veritable “Greatest Hits” performance, which earlier in the night brought back a hint of Bill Cosby, followed by Mr. Robinson, Buckwheat and Gumby, Velvet Jones popped up […]

Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2019 Winner Reacts: ‘It Still Feels Unreal’

RELATED STORIES Another big winner was announced on Friday’s Jeopardy! — and this one wasn’t leaked online ahead of time. Avi Gupta, a high school senior from Portland, Ore., won the show’s latest Teen Tournament, taking home the $ 100,000 grand prize. “It still feels unreal, and I honestly can’t express how grateful and fortunate […]

Jeopardy! Phenom James Holzhauer Passes New Milestone With Latest Win

RELATED STORIES Ken Jennings‘ standing as Jeopardy!‘s all-time highest earner is officially… in jeopardy. Trivia master James Holzhauer racked up his 27th consecutive win on Friday, officially putting the 34-year-old professional sports gambler past the $ 2 million mark. Factoring in the $ 74,000 he took home from Friday’s game, his overall earnings now total […]

New Amsterdam Recap: Where the Heart Is — Plus, Two Docs in Jeopardy!

This Tuesday’s New Amsterdam marked the show’s fall finale, so we knew something was going down — but we didn’t expect one of the doctors to literally fall down. As the episode begins, Max and Helen are arguing over his course of treatment: He wants to do a clinical trial rather than suffering through the […]

Arrow Recap: Double Jeopardy — Plus, Inside the Return of 'Classic Tommy'

Arrow went to court this week, as Oliver Queen faced charges of conning his constituency by moonlighting (and sometimes taking lives) as Green Arrow. Was a “new” archer able to take the bull’s-eye off Oliver’s back? RELATEDArrow: Colin Donnell Revisits His Many Encores Here, former Arrow cast member Colin Donnell speaks freely about his latest […]

Chadwick Boseman Wins Black Jeopardy as T’Challa on a Disappointing ‘Saturday Night Live’

Whenever anyone says Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore, it’s because they tuned in on a night when the writers and cast didn’t come together for a good episode, and they used that as a judgment for the entire series. And anyone who tuned into this weekend’s episode with Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman hosting […]

SNL Highlights: Black Panther Plays Black Jeopardy!, Aidy Channels Cardi B

Chadwick Boseman was pretty good for a first-time Saturday Night Live host, even if the material itself was lacking. After a three-week break, the sketch comedy series returned with a wildly inconsistent episode that seemed to have almost no idea what to do with the Black Panther star, save for the inevitable sketch with a Marvel tie-in. […]

Tesla facing double jeopardy in Norway over P85D horsepower figures

A group of 79 Norwegian owners filed a civil complaint in Norway over Tesla’s horsepower claim for the Model S P85D. Tesla marketing materials claim the dual-motor Model S has 691 horsepower, that number the result of adding the outputs from the 221-hp motor in front, and the 469-hp motor in back. That isn’t how […]