Get ready for blackouts from London to LA, which will force people worldwide to either pay more or put their health in jeopardy

Part of Manhattan without power, seen from East River Houses. Jonathan Percy/EyeEm/Getty Images Climate change and soaring energy prices could make widespread blackouts more common, even in wealthy nations. Californians narrowly averted statewide blackouts, and Britons impacted by the war in Ukraine will soon pay nearly double for electricity. As energy costs soar higher, a […]

Marcella spoilers: Marcella’s blackouts finally EXPLAINED in this twist – Did you spot it?

The ITV drama is only in its third chapter, but the twists and turns are coming thick and fast – and one scene between Marcella (played by Anna) and her husband Jason Backland (Nicholas Pinnock) seemed to reveal that the latter has been committing criminal acts against his wife. Turning up with papers for his […]

MoviePass blackouts and anti-fraud tests upset some customers

As MoviePass continues to grow its subscriber base, the all-you-can-watch theater card has upset some customers with a pair of recent moves. This week customers complain that they’ve seen many showings of the new Jennifer Lawrence movie Red Sparrow marked “not supported” by their pass. As Pop Culture Beast theorizes, this could be an attempt […]

Scorching heat, rolling blackouts: The West is changing how it does summer

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) This June, we received a letter from a reader asking why it seemed like there are fewer summer blackouts, especially in the western US, than there used to be. This resonated with me. When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, summer always seemed to bring with it a couple […]

Suffer from blackouts? You could have this rare life-threatening heart condition

It’s a heart rhythm disturbance that’s rare and inherited, according to the British Heart Foundation. It happens when the flow of sodium ions into the heart cells is restricted, which causes the electrical impulses through the heart to be disrupted. This can in turn lead to life-threatening heart rhythms. It’s not common in the western […]