Indian police have mapped out the spot where a remote, isolated tribe were seen burying a 26-year-old American — but they still don’t know how to recover his remains

AP Photo/Gautam Singh Indian authorities said they have generally located the area on a remote Indian island where an isolated tribe was seen burying a 26-year-old American. John Allen Chau was allegedly killed with arrows earlier this month after venturing onto the island, where he sought to bring Christianity to the tribespeople. It’s unclear whether […]

An American tourist has been murdered by an isolated tribe in the Indian Ocean

YouTube / Doc Facts The local police are reportedly investigating and a case of murder had been registered. The Sentinelese are among India’s protected tribes and the North Sentinelese island is out of bounds. The American national was reportedly attacked by arrows and had taken a fishing boat to the island to interact with the […]

Moving Portraits of Lonely, Isolated Villagers

When photographer Ricardo Ramos ventured to the region of Trás-os-Montes (English translation: “behind the mountains”) in Portugal, he discovered an area where villages can have less than 10 inhabitants — and some have only one. He photographed these isolated, mostly elderly souls, many of them living alone in homes untouched by decades of technology, and captured in […]

As World Cup kicks off, Russia looks to show the West it's not isolated

With Moscow's historic squares, pedestrian malls — and, starting today, soccer stadiums — filling up with foreign tourists, President Vladimir Putin's latest rebranding exercise for Russia is well underway. The first game of the World Cup kicks off at 6 p.m. local time in the refurbished and freshly re-turfed Luzhniki Stadium on the Moscow River.    […]

An Isolated Desert Town Is Home To Horrors In Text Adventure Desert Of Vice

A mystery grips an town lying within the vast desert, with the player at its surreal apex in horrifying text adventure Desert of Vice. Inspired by the works of Kafka and Lovecraft, Desert of Vice takes players to a realm of supernatural monstrosities as they work to unravel the surreal events that grip the town. […]

US stands against international treaty, will be isolated – Rouhani on Trump Iran strategy

Published time: 13 Oct, 2017 18:45 Edited time: 13 Oct, 2017 19:15 The US may face isolation over its opposition to the internationally approved Iran nuclear deal, the country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, warned. Earlier, Donald Trump said he would not re-certify the 2015 deal and imposed further sanctions on Tehran. Read more Iran and its […]

‘Isolated and friendless’: Australian journalist eviscerates Trump in viral news segment

Twitter/ABC An Australian journalist gave a scathing critique of President Donald Trump’s performance at the G-20 summit in Germany this week in a news segment that has gone viral in the United States. In the news segment, aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation show “Insiders,” Chris Uhlmann described Trump as an “isolated and friendless” leader on […]

Isolated Malaysian tribe prohibited from land…so live in STILTED huts on water

The Bajau people in Malaysia live just on the edge of civilisation. Near the city of Semporna, the tribes are prohibited from living on the mainland due to government migration issues. Photographer Claudio Sieber visited the communities to explore their way of life on the water. The civilisation has adapted to being on the water […]