SoftBank’s massive investments are stalling tech IPOs

(Reuters) — Big cash infusions for startups from an ever-expanding group of financiers, led by SoftBank and Middle East sovereign wealth funds, have extinguished hopes that the technology IPO market would bounce back this year. These deep-pocketed financiers, which have traditionally invested in the public markets but are seeking better returns from private tech companies, […]

Going public in 2017: Beyond IPOs and legacy stock exchanges

Going public is a key milestone for a private company and a time-honored way to raise capital. But from the underwriting process to the legalese-filled SEC filings, the road to an initial public offering (IPO) is a long one. Among the many decisions a company has to make before initiating an IPO, choosing which stock […]

Blue Apron and Snap’s ‘busted’ IPOs herald judgment day for unicorns

ANALYSIS: A year that began with high hopes for a tech IPO revival has crashed into a wall of reality following sputtering public offerings from Snap and Blue Apron. The catastrophe that is Blue Apron was driven home in recent days thanks to multiple shareholder lawsuits claiming management misled investors. Less than two months after […]

Tech investors remain optimistic about startups despite less-than-stellar IPOs

Some disappointing high-profile initial public offerings haven’t dampened investors’ enthusiasm for startup tech firms. More than two-thirds of investors think the valuations of private tech companies are only going to grow in coming months, according to a survey by SharesPost that was charted for us here by Statista. And investors are more enthusiastic about startups’ prospects […]

Wall Street is pushing the SEC to loosen rules it blames for stifling IPOs (ICE, LIFE)

Getty Images/Neilson Barnard Executives that represent Wall Street interests pitched ideas on Tuesday about ways to scale back securities regulations that they blamed for stifling the market for initial public offerings. In a congressional hearing before a House Financial Services Committee subcommittee, officials from the New York Stock Exchange, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, biotechnology […]

Tech exits in Q2 2017: More IPOs but slowing M&A activity

GUEST: With another quarter under our belts, it’s time again to reflect on how the market is faring for technology exits in North America. In general, the IPO market seems to be doing well, with the number of transactions rebounding from the first quarter low and investor returns continuing to outperform the broader market. As […]