How to live longer – the best vegetable to boost the immune system and avoid early death

HOW to live longer: Avoid an early death by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and by doing regular exercise. You could boost your immune system, lower your risk of infection and increase your life expectancy by eating more of this vegetable, it’s been revealed.

Think You're Immune to BS? Nope, We All Fall for the Pseudo-Profound

Where do you go for inspiration? And where do you go to avoid it? In the good ol’ days before the internet, inspiration — at least in the form of motivational quotes and self-help wisdom — was reassuringly quarantined. Only if you ventured into a Christian bookstore, a college dorm room (with its life-size Albert […]

Why London startups are immune to the EU brain drain to the U.S.

GUEST: Earlier this month, I detailed how the EU is currently losing its best and brightest in a startup brain drain to the U.S. As I explained, EU startups are finding it necessary to look to U.S.-based venture funds for investments but often have to “flip” into subsidiaries of U.S.-based parent companies as a condition […]

We went to Manhattan’s most luxurious department store to see how the 1% shops — and it revealed no one’s immune to the retail apocalypse

Rashad Benton/ Business Insider Department stores across the country are doubling down on discount options to offset slowing sales, but not Barneys New York. Established in 1923, Barneys is an exclusive department store known for having some of the sharpest and most expensive clothing items from the world’s top luxury brands.  The retailer rarely releases […]

Google’s parent company just announced a new project to give the digital world ‘an immune system’

Jeff Chiu/AP X, the research and development team run by Google’s parent company Alphabet, on Wednesday unveiled a new independent company called Chronicle. Chronicle hopes to predict and deflect “cyber attacks before they infiltrate an organization’s network.” Chronicle is already hiring, and companies are using the platform as early testers to provide feedback. Alphabet’s “X,” […]

NVIDIA GPUs weren’t immune to Spectre security flaws either

It’s not just your processor and operating system that are affected by the Meltdown and Spectre memory vulnerabilities — your graphics card is, too. To that end, NVIDIA has detailed how its GPUs are affected by the speculative execution attacks and has started releasing updated drivers that tackle the issue. All its GeForce, Quadro, NVS, […]