‘The Predator’ Almost Had Predator-Monkey Hybrids, But Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be

Remember The Predator? Shane Black‘s sequel/reboot hit theaters this year, but it seems like everyone already forgot about it already. Maybe we’d all still be talking about The Predator right now if it had kept one of the script’s early ideas intact: Predator-monkey hybrids. That’s right – at one point, The Predator was going to feature Predator DNA mixed […]

Toyota Recalls One Million Prius and C-HR Hybrids Over Fire Risk

Toyota is recalling over one million Prius and C-HR crossovers due to engine wires that pose a potential fire risk. Involved in the call-back are roughly 192,000 vehicles in the United States, according to estimates made by the automaker on Wednesday. However, the vast majority of the 554,000 affected vehicles reside in Japan. While no injuries […]

Mercedes pulls its plug-in hybrids to prepare for new models

We hope you weren’t dead set on buying one of Mercedes’ existing plug-in hybrids, as they won’t be long for this world. Autocar has learned that Mercedes has stopped producing PHEV versions of the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and GLE. This doesn’t mean that the automaker is dropping plug-ins entirely, as you might have guessed. Rather, […]

Fiat Chrysler will launch over 30 EVs and hybrids by 2022

Fiat Chrysler isn’t exactly the first name that comes to mind when you think of electric cars. Where Ford, Volkswagen and other brands are basing their long-term roadmaps around EVs, Fiat Chrysler has been hesitant to make more than the occasional hybrid. Now, though, it’s ready to make up for lost time… if only just. […]

Mazda's product roadmap after Skyactiv-X: diesel, rotary, hybrids, even EVs

When we first heard that Mazda had cleared the major hurdles on gasoline compression ignition, and were just tidying up the details with clear production intent, the first kneejerk thought was: That’s it for Mazda’s consumer diesel. In particular, the Skyactiv-D that was intended for sale in the U.S., only to be delayed for years […]

The Periodic Table of Hybrids

– From the December 2017 issue – Hybrids, the kind with an electric motor and an engine, are the nerdiest of vehicles. Which got us thinking: Why not group all of them (at least the ones we remember) into a table that would make Dmitri Mendeleev proud? Unlike the periodic table of elements, this table […]

Porsche Panamera hybrids are so popular, battery makers struggling to keep up

LEIPZIG, Germany — Battery suppliers are struggling to cope with buoyant demand for Porsche’s Panamera hybrid sedan, the sports car maker told Reuters, in a sign parent Volkswagen’s shift to cleaner vehicles may be paying off, but also of the challenges involved. The share of Panamera hybrids, which combine a conventional combustion engine with electric […]

IKEA joins $22 million investment in XL Hybrids to electrify company vehicle fleets

XL Hybrids, a company specializing in converting gas- and diesel-powered company vehicles to electric-hybrids, has raised $ 22 million in a series D round of funding. The round included participation from IKEA Group (IKEA) and Constellation Technology Ventures (CTV) — the VC arm of U.S. energy giant Exelon — in addition to a number of “large […]