Holocaust survivors outlive Jews who avoided Nazi death camps

Mountains of research has documented the health problems suffered by Holocaust survivors but a new study has found that, despite this, people who survived the Nazi death camps live longer than those who were spared the atrocities. Starvation, torture and the concentration camps’ dreadful living conditions left survivors suffering from a range of chronic illnesses […]

After a nuclear holocaust, we’ll go to heaven as martyrs; those who nuked us will go to hell – Putin

If any nation decides to attack Russia with nuclear weapons, it may end life on Earth; but unlike the aggressors, the Russians are sure to go to heaven, President Vladimir Putin has said. “Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of […]

Holocaust Memorial Museum uses augmented reality to make history visceral

Aiming to capture and hold the attention of young students, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has launched a smartphone app that allows visitors to view a museum exhibit in augmented reality. The Washington, D.C.-based museum’s app lets visitors learn more about the lives of Lithuanian villagers who are featured in the Tower of Faces display…Read […]

Holocaust survivor subjected to ‘demeaning’ body search by TSA agents

A Holocaust survivor claims she was subjected to a “very demeaning body search” by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The ordeal took place after she gave a lecture on her experiences in Auschwitz. Eva Mozes Kor was forced to undergo an extremely intrusive body search before she was allowed to board her flight home […]

US Jewish group removes offensive ‘Polish Holocaust’ video

A US-based Jewish group has removed its “Polish Holocaust” YouTube video, which criticized a new Polish law criminalizing suggestions that Poland was complicit in Nazi war crimes, following a backlash from Poles. The prominent Boston-based Jewish-American Ruderman Family Foundation uploaded the video on Wednesday, using the controversial term “Polish Holocaust” to protest what they called […]

‘Jewish perpetrators’ of Holocaust remark by Polish PM sparks outrage in Israel

Heated debate over Poland’s controversial Holocaust law has reached new levels this week after the Polish prime minister spoke of “Jewish perpetrators” during the Nazi era, causing outrage in Israel. “The Polish Prime Minister’s remarks here in Munich are outrageous,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on Saturday, referring to the remarks Polish Prime Minister […]

Holocaust Memorial Day: Concentration camp survivor has an important message

Zigi Shipper, 88, who was born in Poland, was taken to a concentration camp at the age of 14 because of his Jewish background. He has spoken to Express.co.uk about his time at Auschwitz and Stutthof concentrations camps, and the horrors he witnessed there.  Zigi has an important message on Holocaust Memorial Day, which falls […]

Jewish group demands apology after Harriet Harman repeats Holocaust joke live on BBC

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 18:17 A Jewish organisation is demanding an apology after Labour MP Harriet Harman repeated a joke about the Holocaust as an example of offensive humor. Harman, appearing on BBC One’s This Week, was debating the limits of humor with host Andrew Neil and other guests. “I’ve long been accused of […]

Ukrainian president quietly deletes tweet & FB post wrongfully featuring Holocaust image

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 23:33 Petro Poroshenko has tacitly erased his Twitter and Facebook posts about the Soviet deportation of Ukrainians to Siberia, which he illustrated with a photo showing Polish Jews being escorted to a Nazi death camp. The fake content had been online for nearly a week. Last Friday, the Ukrainian leader […]