Venom: Is the Tom Hardy film in the MCU? How does it connect to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

The Spider-Man spin-off has hit cinemas in the UK today, but there’s no sign of the Web Slinger. While Venom is a Marvel villain who last appeared on the big screen in Spider-Man 3, he’s not part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. So how does that work? Well it all comes down to studios’ rights […]

Avengers Infinity War: ‘Tom Holland’s Spider-Man set for Tom Hardy’s Venom cameo’

It can be a bit of a legal minefield when it comes to film studios’ rights to comic book characters. While Disney currently own the Avengers and now Fox’s rights to the X-Men, Sony still hold on to Spider-Man. However back in 2015 a deal had been made for the Web Slinger to join Disney’s […]

Superhero Bits: Silver & Black Details, Tom Holland’s Pick for Uncle Ben, Marvel Powers United VR & More

Want to see an alternate Spider-Man: Homecoming suit inspired by Superior Spider-Man? What other Marvel Comics characters will be part of the Silver & Black spin-off movie? Have you heard about Marvel’s new VR game Marvel Powers United? Will Sebastian Stan appear in Black Panther as The Winter Soldier? Who does Tom Holland want to […]

Superhero Bits: David Harbour Auditioned for The Blob, Tom Holland’s Favorite Stunt & More

What ridiculous reason was given for David Harbour not getting the role of The Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? What was Tom Holland‘s favorite stunt he did on Spider-Man: Homecoming? Is Wonder Woman in 4DX worth your money? Is there a new mutant character coming to Deadpool 2?  All that and more in this edition […]

Superhero Bits: Groot’s Favorite Movies, Thor: Ragnarok Reshoots, Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle & More

Want to see Tom Holland‘s amazing Lip Sync Battle performance from the special Spider-Man: Homecoming face-off episode? Who could Sigourney Weaver be playing in The Defenders? What are Groot‘s favorite movies? Could Dave Bautista end up getting his own spin-off as Drax the Destroyer? Want to see Mark Ruffalo getting ready for Thor: Ragnarok reshoots? […]

Spider-Man CONFIRMED for Avengers 4: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to return for epic finale

The British actor is about to appear in his first solo outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming this summer, and already has three more appearances confirmed. Marvel boss Kevin Feige revealed the news to the The Hollywood Reporter. He confirmed that after Homecoming, Spider-Man will appear in Avengers: Infinity War – which Holland is currently filming – before […]