‘Venom’ Featurette Highlights Tom Hardy’s Transformation Into a Head-Eating Monster

Venom will chomp his way into theaters next month, giving Tom Hardy the chance to do yet another weird voice. While Hardy is covered in CGI goo while playing Venom, there’s a surprising amount of practical effects work in the film as well. If you don’t believe that, check out the Venom featurette below, showcasing Hardy’s […]

Tom Hardy’s Venom Voice is the Rapper Redman Crossed With…Woody Allen?

When Tom Hardy uttered his first line in the Venom trailer, it was met with a universal “…Huh?” Was Hardy doing his best Terrence Howard impression? Is this what he thought an intrepid journalist sounded like? And mostly, why? Hardy is the rare kind of actor who seems to hate his own face and voice. And though […]

Avengers Infinity War: ‘Tom Holland’s Spider-Man set for Tom Hardy’s Venom cameo’

It can be a bit of a legal minefield when it comes to film studios’ rights to comic book characters. While Disney currently own the Avengers and now Fox’s rights to the X-Men, Sony still hold on to Spider-Man. However back in 2015 a deal had been made for the Web Slinger to join Disney’s […]

Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi SHOCK: Tom Hardy’s stormtrooper identity REVEALED?

Back in 2015 Daniel Craig surprised Star Wars fans by cameoing as a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens. Now the favourite to replace him as James Bond is due to feature in the follow up, The Last Jedi. Last year a rumour sprouted that Hardy would be playing a stormtrooper who recognises John Boyega’s Finn, […]

Broadchurch season 3: Deleted scene reveals how Alec Hardy’s Tinder date REALLY ended

Viewers will remember Alec (played by David Tennant) was set up by his daughter in episode four, who created a dating profile for him. In the clip, the detective is seen walking Zoe (Elen Rhys) home after an awkward dinner at a restaurant. Their conversation quickly turns to the rape case as Zoe says she […]