SXSW Favorite ‘Prospect’ Nabs Distribution Under Gunpowder & Sky

Prospect‘s prospects are looking bright. The indie sci-fi film starring Pedro Pascal earned raves at South by Southwest, where it quickly became a film festival favorite. And now, Gunpowder & Sky have stepped in to handle the Prospect distribution. Gunpowder & Sky has acquired worldwide rights to Prospect, according to Variety. The relatively new digital content studio launched by […]

‘Gunpowder’ Trailer: Kit Harington Leads the Guy Fawkes Drama

The story of Guy Fawkes is about to get the sexy melodrama treatment, folks. Kit Harington stars in Gunpowder, a gritty new drama based upon the famous Gunpowder plot of 1605, wherein Guy Fawkes and a group of English Catholics planned to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I. The Gunpowder trailer give us a […]

TVLine Items: HBO's Gunpowder Trailer, Grace and Frankie Return Date and More

Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington is ready to topple the monarchy in the first trailer for the upcoming HBO miniseries Gunpowder. The Guy Fawkes-inspired thriller, which first premiered on BBC One in October, chronicles the attempt made by Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics (led by Harington’s Robert Catesby) to blow up the House of Lords and […]

Gunpowder viewers horrified by excessive gore and nudity: ‘Worse than Game of Thrones'

** WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES AND CLIPS ** The BBC historical drama follows the infamous Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, telling a different side to the gruesome tale.  Kit Harington plays mastermind Robert Catesby, who initially recruited Thomas Wintour (played by Edward Holcroft) and Guy (Tom […]

Gunpowder: Disturbing torture scene leaves viewers shaken – here’s a HUGE secret about it

** WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES AND CLIPS ** Lady Dorothy (played by Sian Webber) was tortured in a public arena for harbouring a Catholic priest and his two alter servers, in a horrific moment that lasted an uncomfortably long time. However, with such a graphic scene laden with nudity and gore, would the […]

Gunpowder: What time is it on? How many episodes are there? Cast news and more

What time does Gunpowder air? Gunpowder begins tonight at 9.10pm on BBC One. The series will follow Robert Catesby (played by Kit Harington) as he masterminds the notorious Gunpowder Plot. Although it is commonly thought that Guy Fawkes was the driving force behind the treasonous plan, Robert was in fact the brains behind the operation. How many […]

Where is Gunpowder filmed? Magnificent locations for Kit Harington drama revealed

Where is Gunpowder set? Gunpowder is largely set in London in 1605 as it focusses on Robert’s plan to blow up Parliament.  However, some of the series is set in surrounding countryside, with Liv Tyler who stars as Anne Vaux revealing that is where she spent most of her time.  Where was Gunpowder filmed? Gunpowder […]

Liv Tyler, Sherlock Vet Join Kit Harington in Guy Fawkes Miniseries Gunpowder

The Leftovers isn’t even cold yet, but Liv Tyler has already lined up her next small-screen gig, starring alongside Kit Harington in the Guy Fawkes-inspired miniseries Gunpowder. VIDEOSThe Leftovers Trailer: Kevin and Nora Brace for ‘Final Departure’ Per our sister site Deadline, Tyler is one of three actors joining the Game of Thrones star in the three-part BBC One […]